Same-Day Admission Rehab

Getting Same Day and Emergency Rehab Treatment at Icarus in Nevada

Entering addiction treatment is not typically an instant gratification scenario. Aside from the major steps that entering a substance abuse facility entails, (initial contact, assessment, evaluation, insurance approval, admission, etc.) many addiction treatment programs are backed up due to the sheer number of those waiting to get help.

Luckily, same-day admission rehab centers like Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada offer hope for those in fear of dealing with the agonizing pain of withdrawal. Emergency detox services are available, along with an immediate segue into an inpatient treatment center.

If you or someone you love is in a situation where a long wait for substance use disorder treatment isn’t a viable option, help has arrived.

Keep reading to find out about our same-day admission rehab placement and how there’s light at the end of the tunnel with Icarus in Nevada!

The Need for Emergency Detox Is More Important Now than Ever Before

Need for Emergency Detox

Making the decision to enter addiction treatment for substance abuse is a major step and one that requires a leap of faith for those who suffer from the pain of alcohol and/or drug abuse. In the mind of someone with a substance use disorder, in many cases, the desire to attend a treatment center can come and go over the course of a few days. In certain situations, these feelings of whether or not to seek treatment can remain in a state of flux from hour to hour.

The general sentiment from those who suffer from substance abuse often involves a burning desire to get a high while before the sting of withdrawal symptoms kicks in. However, once they keep detox at bay and feel the warm security of intoxication for a short period, guilt begins to set back in – and the motivation to attend substance abuse treatment returns.

Seizing the Momentum for Addiction Treatment

This is what makes attending rehab such a challenge for many who struggle – a frustrating game of cat and mouse between the mind and body. Constant wrestling with oneself – locked in an ongoing battle between the goal of achieving recovery and the desire to stave off withdrawal symptoms.

But, unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of people needing help for substance abuse, addiction treatment programs are often backed up, working through a waiting list of individuals who for most – treatment can’t come soon enough.

The need for a same-day admission rehab to rectify situations like the one described above can’t be stated enough. But what exactly does someone need to do to secure a spot at an emergency detox or same-day admission facility?

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What Is a Same-Day Admission Rehab?

A same-day rehab is exactly as it sounds – behavioral health services that allow those with a substantial substance abuse history, or a potentially severe case addiction situation, to enter treatment the same day they contact the facility – as opposed to waiting the typical period while everything processes.

Instead of an extended period where administrators and insurance parties deliberate, the client case is pushed into overdrive to afford same-day admittance. Leveraging the power of a same-day rehab provides those struggling with addiction several advantages, including:

  • The ability to enter treatment while the desire is still strong
  • An opportunity to avoid an agonizing waiting period filled with miserable withdrawal symptoms
  • Avoiding the need to chase their drug of choice for several more days or weeks while they wait for approval
  • Dodge the potential for them to get cold feet while they wait for that vital phone call

By now, you know that rehab is needed, but who has the best odds and stands to benefit the most from same-day treatment?

The Best Candidates for Same-Day Rehab

Alcohol Withdrawal

Certain situations are more qualified for access to same-day treatment. The following scenarios are generally the ideal client situation and have the most pressing need for emergency detox and treatment according to the withdrawal symptoms as described by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Alcohol Withdrawal

Cases of alcohol withdrawal and its side effects almost always warrant the need for some type of same-day treatment. Several reasons put this form of substance abuse to the front of the line, including:

  • The rapid onset of withdrawal symptoms.
  • The intensity of withdrawal symptoms.
  • The potential for additional health complications during detox.
  • The chances of relapse if treatment isn’t immediate.

Opioid Withdrawal

The symptoms one experiences during the detox process are intense and uncomfortable. The challenge is just as much mental as it is physical, with the understanding that relief is a phone call away. But this also means restarting the process and trading in any progress you’ve potentially made.

Normally opioid withdrawal kicks in about twelve hours after the last use – warranting the need for same-day rehab.

Benzodiazepine Abuse

Those who abuse benzodiazepines may not absorb the full impact of withdrawal until the second day. However, symptoms still manifest during day one – but this isn’t what qualifies benzodiazepine withdrawal as a potential candidate for same-day admission.

The dire need for immediate treatment in the case of benzo addiction is the high risk of additional medical complications and even death. Seizures are common in those attempting to refrain from their daily regimen of anxiety medications.

Preparing Yourself for Same Day Admission Rehab

Inpatient Rehab

The admissions process for emergency inpatient rehab at Icarus Nevada is fast-tracked so you can begin treatment at any time – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Be prepared for the following during the admissions process to ensure a steady flow of clients into the system:

  • To give a detailed background of your substance abuse history. This includes the type of drug and the severity of abuse. How long have you been using and why are you seeking addiction treatment on an emergency basis?
  • A detailed account of your mental health history and current status regarding mental health disorders.
  • You’re required to submit samples for the lab, so be prepared for them to take blood.
  • Prepare for same-day detox.

An Initial Evaluation

After a quick initial consultation outlining your substance abuse history and squaring away your insurance information, you’ll be given a swift evaluation for your physical and mental health condition. This is to ensure you’re fit to receive treatment in a medical detox center.

Transfer to Same Day Detox

Afterward, you’ll be segued into a same-day admission medically assisted detox. Usually, the process is swift enough to avoid the most severe portion of detox. After transferring to the detox portion of treatment, you’ll receive medication and other items to keep you comfortable while you safely detox from your drug of choice. The goal is to keep you as pain and stress-free as possible for the remainder of your detoxification period. Substances administered may include antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, analgesic pain relief, and other forms of medication.

This regimen is only temporary, as the goal is to keep you off of anything habit-forming. In some cases, if you opt to go this route, there may be an option for medication-assisted treatment. This includes buprenorphine and methadone treatment as an alternative to a complete medical detox. This is something that would be specifically discussed with your treatment team upon entering the facility.

Entering and Admission at Our Inpatient Treatment Center

After completing the detox portion of your treatment, the next step would be immediate placement into our inpatient program. Here, you will get the full benefits of our inpatient services. This includes treatment for dual diagnosis, trauma-informed therapy, holistic treatment, one-on-one sessions with counselors, and group therapy.

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What About Post-Treatment After a Same Day Rehab?

The post-treatment process for any rapid admission treatment facility includes the same offerings as any other normal inpatient program. At Icarus Behavioral Nevada, we have several recommendations for the aftercare process. For many, this is the most delicate time one will experience during the recovery process.

You’ll be taking your first real steps without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch. It’s extremely important that you have the proper support systems in place. A few routes that we recommend for those exiting same-day inpatient therapy include:

Alternative Care Levels

Consider opting for a less intense care level. What do we mean by this? For some, the best course of action is to follow treatment with more treatment – only less demanding, but still rigorous enough to build on what you’ve just learned. Some of the most common levels of care for clients exiting inpatient are intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, or standard outpatient treatment.

Choosing partial hospitalization would include additional time at the same inpatient program, only with the luxury of returning home in the evening to sleep and be with your family members. This takes place Monday-Friday.

Standard outpatient is roughly six hours per week of walk-in treatment meetings with counselors. Intensive outpatient builds on this, adding an additional four to six hours to the initial six hour commitment.

Sober Living as an Option Following Our Residential Setting

Sober Living as an Option Following Our Residential Setting

Your living arrangement is typically a shared home with others participating in the same program. There is usually a house manager who oversees the day-to-day events of all the residents. Most clients enrolled in this program are subject to random drug testing, adhere to a curfew, and must actively search for gainful employment. This can be an advantageous opportunity to bridge the gap between treatment and a complete return to a normal life.

Regardless of your choices, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that it takes a daily effort to stay mindful of your personal support system. This includes your family and those you surround yourself with – including friends and coworkers. Everything that you hold in your circle. The last thing you want is any temptation or negativity to jeopardize the progress you’ve made.

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Icarus Nevada: Get Same Day Detox and Rehab Now

At Icarus Behavioral Nevada, we offer same-day services for those in need of emergency rehab and detox centers. Same-day admissions can be the difference between success and continued drug abuse. Our goal is to ease your concerns regarding the wait for a detox program and help you avoid the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

You or your loved one will be ushered to our rehab center which caters to your needs, providing you with an individualized treatment plan. For more information about our same-day admissions, reach out to a member of our team for a confidential call today!