Emblem Health Drug Rehab Coverage

Using Emblem Insurance Benefits at Icarus in Nevada

If you need substance abuse treatment or mental health services, Emblem Health drug rehab and mental health treatment coverage have you covered. With your EmblemHealth insurance (formerly GHI Insurance) you will not sacrifice quality drug and alcohol treatment for low out-of-pocket costs – you CAN have both.

Moreover, you (or your loved one who is struggling and needs support) deserve to have both!

Emblem Health is a well-respected PPO program that provides access to numerous addiction treatment services. But they also recognize that every person has different needs, so they allow you and your healthcare providers to decide which treatments will be most helpful for you.

Icarus Behavioral Health Las Vegas has expertise in how to put your EmblemHealth rehab coverage to work effectively. Keep reading; you’ll discover the key information about leveraging your insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab.

Is Addiction Treatment Covered by EmblemHealth Insurance?

Addiction Treatment Covered by EmblemHealth Insurance

Yes! Ever since the rollout of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, all insurance plans listed on the Health Insurance Marketplace have covered mental health treatment services. Before that time, insurance companies often disallowed mental health benefits. They called them non-essential health benefits or excluded them as “pre-existing conditions.”

But under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies can no longer do that. To be compliant with the law – and allowed to sell plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace – they had to start treating mental health as an essential health benefit.

That rule helped the behavioral health industry make its services available to the people who needed it most. Today, insurance plans must cover the following:

  • Mental health disorders
  • Substance abuse services
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment (aka dual diagnosis treatment)

With the ACA, high-quality behavioral healthcare is now an option. Before, it was reserved only for those who could afford premium health insurance plans or self-pay for their treatment options.

Access to Mental Health Services Is Easy with Emblem Health

Mental health and substance abuse often walk hand-in-hand. With EmblemHealth Insurance, you can access many therapies and mental health services.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas can help you with many mental illnesses. We have expertise in helping heal depression, as well as trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, and more. We have helped hundreds of clients restore their peace of mind and heal.

If you or someone you love suffers and wants to seek treatment using their Emblem Health insurance plan to take advantage of these essential health benefits, we are ready to help you.

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Health Insurance Benefits for Substance Abuse Treatment

If you struggle with substance abuse but are ready to get the help you need, we are here for you. Substance use disorder is a diagnosed illness. You are sick. If you developed a long-term illness, you would not try to heal it without the aid of a medical professional – your doctor or even a trusted pharmacist who might offer some relief.

Seeking addiction treatment services is no different!

Even if you’ve tried to quit using drugs or alcohol on your own but failed, our facilities at Icarus in Nevada can help. Yes, Emblem Health insurance plans will help you get the addiction treatment that you need.

Co-Occurring Disorders: Where Mental Health Treatment and Substance Abuse Treatment Intersect

Earlier, we mentioned how some people need both mental health services and substance abuse treatment. You might hear health industry professionals call this intersection dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment.

It means that someone has challenges with both mental health and substance abuse. That also means that the addiction treatment program must uncover the root cause of – and heal – both problems to help make someone whole again.

Imagine you want to ride a bicycle but discover that the chain has slipped off and the wheel won’t budge. The bike needs a working chain and a spinning wheel before you can hop on and ride it. If you only pop the chain (the substance abuse) back on, but you ignore the frozen wheel (the mental health disorder), the bike will remain unusable. But if you fix BOTH problems, you will restore the bicycle and ride into the sunset.

Don’t forget – behavioral, mental, and substance use disorders are all covered by EmblemHealth.

Is Medical Detox Covered by EmblemHealth?

Medical Detox Covered by EmblemHealth

Medical detox is the only safe way to start addiction treatment. Emblem Health Insurance company recognizes this and covers this important part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment with insurance for rehab at many levels.

With medical detoxification, the healthcare providers at Icarus monitor you during the first critical days as your body metabolizes the chemicals. This first part of drug/alcohol rehab can also be the most dangerous. Your body quickly becomes confused. Remember it’s dependent on chemicals. Thu, it may not recognize that going without your drug of choice is a healing process. As a result, you have withdrawal symptoms, often intense.

When you have the support of a rehab center while detoxing, however, staff will minimize the discomfort and keep you safe.

Using Your EmblemHealth Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab

Your insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab centers exists, but it can be hard for most people to understand. While every insurance company must cover treatment for drug and alcohol rehab, insurance plans have very confusing language.

Every insurance company has different standards. But they all consider various factors to determine the appropriate level of care they’ll allow.

They look at the length and severity of the client’s addiction. More severity usually means they’ll cover inpatient and residential programs; less severe addictions may mean coverage for outpatient treatment programs only.

Emblem Health might also look at if you have attended other rehab centers. They may not care to duplicate treatment that proved ineffective for the intensity of your drug and alcohol addiction. That could mean they approve you for a more intensive program this time around.

What are the Criteria for Admission to Behavioral Health Treatment?

They’ll also weigh the person’s physical and mental health status and whether they have self-harmed. If the person has had past outpatient treatment but now needs additional care, they might approve a bump into inpatient treatment. Likewise, if someone is in imminent danger of suicide or self-harm, they will likely approve a higher-intensity treatment setting.

Another consideration they’ll look into is how mental health treatment services or time at a drug and alcohol rehab may improve their quality of life. Someone unable to function or cope is at higher risk, and Emblemhealth insurance coverage may approve a higher level of care.

The entire process is very confusing – and can be triggering.

You feel the anticipation as you wait on hold, second-guessing.


Asking if treatment will be covered by EmblemHealth insurance. That’s the last thing we want for you.

Your care requirements will be best conveyed accurately and concisely to Emblem Health or any other health insurance providers by industry professionals. We know the right language to use and will help you get the appropriate substance use disorder treatment benefits while minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

You will not likely be in-network; still, their PPO options are generous and will cover your addiction treatment services.

Allow Our Team to Verify Your Insurance Coverage Today

Our Team to Verify Your Insurance Coverage

Whether you need residential addiction treatment, care for a mental health disorder – or both – the staff at our treatment center can help you get the approval you need.

The first thing you need is to contact our admissions and insurance specialists. With a quick phone call, we can go to work for you. When you call, here’s what you should have on hand:

  • Your full legal name (it appears on your EmblemHealth insurance card.)
  • Your date of birth, which Emblem Health will use to double-check your plan data.
  • Plan information, including your plan’s group number and your ID number.
  • Any other health insurance coverage or co-insurance, like a spouse’s group health plan
  • A basic overview of any mental health disorders or past substance abuse treatment centers you have attended.

Remember that we are here to support you by taking the stress of this process away.

You make one quick, confidential call to our treatment center, and we take over from there. We’ll call you back with all the information after we verify your insurance. We will take the time to explain it to you in clear language.

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How We Helped Sarah Get the Addiction Treatment She Needed

Sarah had struggled with alcohol use disorder since she was a teen. She had quit drinking one – on her own – and thought it was behind her. But after juggling a messy divorce, kids, and a busy career, she started to drink again. First, it was an occasional cocktail; then it became the whole bottle.

Sarah confided in a friend who also had recovered from substance use disorder. She explained to Sarah that until she healed the causes of the alcohol abuse with a professional, she could not wholly heal. When she realized she could get help, she worried about the costs. Then she remembered that her insurance coverage applied to addiction treatment.

Get Flexible Treatment Options Covered by EmblemHealth Insurance

Next, Sarah searched for nearby outpatient treatment centers and found Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, which was close to her office. She called Icarus on a lunch break and gave her information to the admissions counselor. (She did this from her car, she was too embarrassed to do it from her cubicle!). By the end of the day, the admissions team at Icarus had called her insurer and obtained the approval she had been hoping for!

Within a few days, Sarah started an intensive outpatient program at Icarus Nevada. It allowed her to continue working, although she had to confide in her manager and use her PTO time to attend therapy. Still, it was effective and Sarah was able to quit drinking.

After treatment, Sarah felt confident that she had tackled the childhood trauma that had caused her to start drinking as a teen. She released the pain and back to being a great mom to her children.

What to Expect With Mental Health or Addiction Treatment Services: 5 Proven Approaches at Icarus Nevada

Aftercare Planning to Stay Clean and Sober

Depending on the appropriate level of care, you will receive approval from Emblem Health for inpatient rehab programs or outpatient treatment. Both can be highly effective for substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

In each setting, you receive an evidence-based combination of treatments. These usually include a combination of the following:

1) Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

EmblemHealth insurance covers therapy services. Icarus has qualified therapists that can provide individual, family, or group therapy. Each treatment helps you gain insight into the trauma or causes of your struggles.

2) Prescription Medications (Medication-Assisted Treatment)

Some mental health treatment programs require prescription drugs to help stabilize their emotions. Other clients may need medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help them move from addiction to sobriety. That’s especially true for those who use opioids or alcohol.

3) Aftercare Planning to Stay Clean and Sober

We will not consider your treatment complete until our care team helps you develop an aftercare plan to help you prevent relapse. You will learn how to avoid triggers. You’ll also understand the value of replacing harmful past acquaintances with new friends. You will have a list of local 12-step programs where you can receive support in your community, as well as 12-step alternative options for those who would like them, such as SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, and others.

Each of these is vital to long-term sobriety.

4) Intensive Outpatient Programs, the Most Flexible of Outpatient Programs

Many people would not be able to attend treatment without the help of an intensive outpatient program. Anyone whose family obligations mean they can’t otherwise seek treatment falls into this category. So do people with flexible careers who may accommodate treatment but won’t allow extensive time off daily.

Intensive outpatient programs allow clients to come to Icarus for several hours a few days per week. These clients don’t stay at our rehab facility overnight but return home to care for their families.

An intensive outpatient program gives qualifying clients the treatment they need. Clients in IOP generally require less complex addiction treatment services and may not have a dual diagnosis.

5) Partial Hospitalization Programs, Still Outpatient Treatment But More Structured

You might know the partial hospitalization program by another common name: the day treatment center. Our partial hospitalization programs are still outpatient treatment. However, they are more structured and intensive than the IOP.

A main factor separating the two is the time commitment. While IOPs involve a relatively few hours each week, a partial hospitalization program means spending between six and eight hours per day in treatment, five to seven days a week.

The thing many people like about the PHP is that they can still go home to take care of their children at night.

Emblem Health Drug Rehab Coverage for Inpatient Programs

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient and residential programs are essentially the same; many use them interchangeably. Inpatient programs require you to stay at the rehab facility 24/7 in a higher-intensity treatment setting. The intensive setting lets you focus on just one thing – addiction treatment.

Rehab center staff will work with you one-on-one and in group therapy sessions. The goal is simple – to heal your substance abuse disorder and address all mental health treatment needs.

Inpatient treatment is usually best for the most complex cases. Clients in these programs often have a long-time addiction and might need dual diagnosis treatment and/or our long term rehab program offerings.

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Put Your EmblemHealth Insurance Benefits to Work at Icarus Nevada

Your EmblemHealth insurance plan covers mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment. We can offer support when you are ready to come to Icarus in Las Vegas and help with insurance verification and every aspect of Admissions.

Contact us today; we will coordinate with your insurance provider right away. Effective addiction treatment – and the path to a new life for you or your loved one – is just a phone call away.