Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab Programs

Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab Programs?

Get In-Network Help Using TRICARE and TriWest at Icarus Nevada

Does TriWest cover drug rehab and mental health services? If you are a veteran who needs drug and alcohol rehab, you may wonder if this health insurance has the covered services you need. As insurance providers, the TriWest Healthcare Alliance ensures you receive the care you need without worrying about carrying an excessive financial burden.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is an in-network provider for TriWest Healthcare Alliance Insurance. Our beautiful Las Vegas facility is near Creech Air Force Base and Nellis Air Force Base. We are proud to serve active-duty service members and veterans, along with their immediate adult family members.

Our extensive experience with mental health and addiction treatment – along with our proximity to those AFBs – uniquely qualifies us to treat the substance abuse treatment needs of our military personnel.

Please keep reading. You will learn how TriWest Healthcare Alliance plays a large role in getting clean and sober by providing coverage for top-tier mental health treatment.

Veterans Affairs Recognizes the Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs to Support Vets

Importance of Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recognized the link between military service, substance use disorders, and mental illness for military members and veterans for several decades. Some past service members who have seen active duty turn to substance abuse to cope with the trauma experienced in combat. Often feeling alone or ashamed, they numb their problems by using illicit substances or drinking alcohol.

Other military members start using opioids in the form of legal prescriptions. Military life can be challenging, and it’s often fraught with pain and injuries. After the wound or injury heals, they find themselves craving the opioids and may turn to dangerous street drugs. That’s become especially problematic due to the proliferation of counterfeit drugs laced with fentanyl.

The problem has become so severe that the VA launched a task force. It’s called the VA Opioid Safety Initiative, and its goal is to provide clinicians with guidance on the best pain management and mental health treatment programs for veterans.

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Meet Marissa: Veteran. Mom. Trauma Survivor.

Marissa looked forward to leaving the Air Force for months before her tour in Afghanistan. Going home meant she’d no longer have to face the horrors of war; she’d lost soldiers under her command to IEDs too many times to count. She believed that getting away from the military would restore her peace – she was a tough, confident military woman. But when she moved home, the images of those young soldiers living with traumatic brain injuries and missing limbs continued to haunt her. She’d even sometimes have flashbacks during the night, often awakening in a pool of sweat.

Marissa was a very private person and rarely opened up about her flashbacks to her loved ones. She wanted to shield them from the horrors witnessed, sparing them from those details. Unable to find relief, she started to smoke marijuana. She wasn’t breaking the law – it was legal in Nevada, her state. It helped her relax on her worst days.

Eventually, she started smoking every night to quiet the flashbacks before bed. That approach worked well at first, but she developed a tolerance, and it could not get her through the night.

Getting Support When Coping Mechanisms Falter

Marissa learned that her health insurance covered mental health services. She had also recognized her growing addiction in the military – she’d even disciplined people under her command for it herself. Marissa found Icarus Behavioral Health; she was a perfect fit for their intensive outpatient treatment program. Using those valuable healthcare benefits, Marissa learned she had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that resulted from her military service.

With the help of the healthcare providers at Icarus, Marissa learned how to manage that service-related stress without smoking weed. Marissa’s doctor prescribed medicines to minimize the intrusive thoughts and the counselors helped her develop positive coping tools.

Marissa is one of many of our military veteran success stories. Will you be our next?

How Often Do Veterans Need Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Mental Health Services?

Mental Health Services

Besides recognizing the need for addiction treatment, the Department of Veterans Affairs also confirms a direct link between mental health disorders and alcohol and drug addiction. Because active duty service members, veterans, and their families face unique challenges, the VA and military leadership have leaned into the problem.

Today, more than ever, the Triwest and TriCare program services offer more comprehensive health insurance than ever. But how large is the problem of mental illness and addiction in the military community? Statista surveyed 69,850 veterans in-person and online, finding the following use in the past year:

Drug abuse among veterans without mental health disorders

  • 15.4% have used illicit drugs
  • 13.3% admitted to marijuana use
  • 1.7% abused opioid drugs

Drug use among veterans with diagnosed mental health conditions

  • 35.3% of veterans admitted to using illicit drugs
  • 28.7 have used marijuana
  • 6.2% used opioid drugs

In every case, the incidence of use more than doubles when the veteran has a dual diagnosis. These numbers perfectly explain why the VA relies on TriWest Healthcare Alliance as a third-party administrator and drug rehab partner. The TriWest mission is to deliver substance abuse treatment programs to our veteran population.

Addiction Treatment Coverage and the TriWest Healthcare Alliance

TriWest addiction treatment coverage is key in the VA Community Care Network (CCN). The role of the Community Care Network is to provide past military members to receive care from local treatment facilities when VA healthcare providers are unavailable. TriWest typically covers Community Care Network treatment programs only with a referral from their VA provider.

That step ensures that veterans receive the appropriate care. TriWest coverage gives clients access to many alcohol and drug treatment facility options. That includes receiving highly skilled mental health treatment from Icarus Behavioral Health.

We Help You With the VA Referral and Leverage your TriWest Health Insurance

Help You With Your TriWest Health Insurance

Things can get tricky when getting the VA or TRICARE provider referral to use TriWest insurance coverage. But that’s where the expert admissions team at Icarus can help! We know how to work through the entire VA health benefits process because we accept TriWest insurance and frequently deal with both organizations.

When it’s time to call the VA healthcare provider for referrals, we will guide you every step of the way. Then, we’ll call TriWest Healthcare Alliance to coordinate pre-approval of your TRICARE healthcare benefits.

What You Need to Call Us for Help With Health Insurance Providers

We help our clients navigate the insurance pre-certification process; we have firsthand experience working with many insurance providers. You may have the TriCare benefits, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, or even private insurance – we can help with all of them! When you connect with us, we’ll ask for your basic contact information and the information printed on your insurance card.

You should also share if you have an additional insurance provider other than your VA health benefits (like a spouse’s co-insurance). Secondary insurance plan information is vital, as it can help offset any out-of-pocket costs. Are you ready for our help with your TriWest or TriCare program benefits? Let’s talk right now!

Get Detox and Rehab Covered by TriWest – Call Now!

Treatment Programs Covered by TriWest Healthcare Alliance

Behavioral healthcare services, like those provided at Icarus, can help with addiction treatment and any underlying mental health concerns. The following sections include treatment covered by TriWest insurance:

Medical Detox and Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment starts with a medically supervised detox program that will manage withdrawal symptoms. Long-term substance use disorders harm the brain, disrupting its chemistry and function. During active addiction, the brain learns to depend on the drug – it replaces healthy rewards, like personal satisfaction, with a “high.” So when you reverse that cycle, removing the chemicals, the brain sends emergency signals to the rest of the body. That leads to stress, anxiety, and discomfort during withdrawal.

With medical detox at a rehab treatment center, trained staff monitor clients’ well-being. If those symptoms of withdrawal become too severe, certified healthcare providers will conduct an assessment and order prescription medications to manage them. The withdrawal process is much safer and more comfortable in a professional setting. Plus, clients have less likelihood of a relapse before completing the process.

Therapy and Support Groups for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Outpatient Services

The TriWest insurance plan recognizes the importance of partnering with local community providers for counseling and psychotherapy. Icarus is pleased to be part of Las Vegas residents’ outpatient treatment or residential care. Your insurance company may authorize individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, behavioral healthcare services, and other valuable resources.

Outpatient Services: Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs

TriWest authorizes outpatient treatment and recognizes its efficacy in many cases. They offer coverage for two care levels of outpatient therapy: Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) or Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs).

With both outpatient treatment models, clients get help from their healthcare providers for rehab and mental health treatment during the day and go home to sleep each night. Both models offer evidence-based therapies for active-duty military members and veterans. The main difference? PHP is more structured and intensive; the IOP provides the client with more flexibility. Each has its benefits, including being community-based instead of traveling across a state as vast as Nevada to VA facilities.

Inpatient Treatment: Insurance Coverage for More Intensive Addiction Treatment

Sometimes, a client needs more intensive mental health services and medical care – that’s when the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health benefits cover residential treatment. Inpatient treatment is highly structured and comprehensive. Years of struggling with addiction usually create complex, interconnected health outcomes.

We’re a five-star provider of mental health services. But beyond the need for mental health rehab, some people must also seek treatment for the resulting physical ailments that often accompany drug addiction. These can include liver or kidney damage, dental care needs and missing or infected teeth, breathing problems, and heart disease. That’s to name a few.

Icarus Nevada believes in a holistic approach to treatment and will coordinate the necessary care for these related diagnoses. Your insurance provider covers these health services, as well as covering mental healthcare services.

Medication-assisted Treatment: Geared to Opioid Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Medication-assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment uses a long-acting prescription opioid to replace someone’s drug of choice. Healthcare providers most often prescribe this treatment for opioid or alcohol rehab. They are effective in helping someone stop using those drugs without causing unintended consequences, such as persistent cravings.

While taking these prescriptions, the client receives other healthcare services, including therapy and counseling, to work toward a clean and sober life. The clinician will taper down the doses as the client progresses. Over a relatively short time, that prescription drug becomes unnecessary.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By TriWest – Call Now!

Get Support Using TriWest for Treatment at Icarus Nevada

If you are a veteran with TriWest, then you have the addiction treatment services and mental health coverage you need to recover from drug or alcohol abuse. Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is your lifeline and chance at a fresh start. To decide to get clean and sober even easier, we can call the third-party administrator.

We have all the tools to make that rehab insurance coverage work for you! Your call to us is confidential. Let’s connect today and get you the help you deserve.

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