Drug Rehab Lake Havasu City

Getting Effective Treatment Options at Nearby Icarus in Nevada

When you need drug rehab, Lake Havasu City, AZ, can leave you with somewhat limited options. Admittedly, Lake Havasu City is one of the prettiest locations in the southwestern United States. Nevertheless, the wealth of unspoiled natural resources does not make up for a bit of a shortfall in drug rehab centers. It’s frustrating for anyone in search of drug addiction or alcohol rehab services.

But don’t let the lack of drug rehab Lake Havasu City services deter you from getting sober! Instead, we invite you to learn more about Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada. We are an alternative option, less than a three-hour drive from your area.

It’s an opportunity for the counseling and therapy you need in a licensed and professional setting.

Keep reading for information on how our healthcare services help clients from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. You or your loved one can be free of addictive substances and take back your life from the grips of drugs and alcohol, starting today!

Opioid Addiction Drives a Shortage of Rural Treatment Services

Opioid Addiction Lake Havasu City

Although finding rehab in Lake Havasu City, AZ, may be a challenge, you are not the only place that struggles with care accessibility. While AZ residents may have many diagnoses, the Arizona Department of Health Services has issued a public health emergency declaration about opioid overdoses.

Recent statistics show that five Arizonans die of opioid addiction daily from both the misuse of prescription opioids and counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills.

As the drug addiction crisis in Lake Havasu City and all of Arizona continues, the pinch on inpatient and outpatient treatment services is most felt in the areas with the fewest treatment centers – small cities and rural communities. Sometimes, all residents find is an outpatient clinic. While outpatient treatment can be good, it’s not the perfect substance use disorder (SUD) treatment for severe addictions.

Thus, many expand their searches for alcohol and drug recovery to larger cities that have more substance abuse treatment facilities, such as our convenient alternative nestled in an upscale setting, a world away from the Strip, in Enterprise, Nevada.

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Why Look for Drug Rehab Centers Outside of Lake Havasu City, AZ? 3 Compelling Reasons

Besides the relatively limited selection of drug rehab centers in your community, consider these other compelling reasons to find proven addiction treatment programs outside of Lake Havasu City, Arizona:

1) Distance Lets You Focus on Recovery and Mental Health Treatment

When you go to a drug rehab center, your sole focus should be on your addiction and mental health treatment. If you are near Lake Havasu City, AZ, your mind drifts to distractions quickly. Staying near home can mean you worry more about your kids, job, etc. However, when you get away from Lake Havasu City, drug rehab becomes the priority.

2) Distance Puts You out of the Clutches of Alcohol and Drug Enablers

Everyone with an addiction struggle has a cast of enablers. They can be family members who give them money. Or, they can be acquaintances who drive you to buy drugs. They could even be the drug dealers themselves! Rehab in Lake Havasu City, AZ, can be tempting. But almost three hours of windshield time between you and your enablers is a powerful deterrent.

3) Distance from Lake Havasu City Gives You Increased Privacy

Lake Havasu City, AZ, is small. With a population of around 60,000, most people know each other or share mutual connections. For those concerned about the unfair stigma of alcohol and drugs, going to rehab centers in Lake Havasu City can feel overwhelming. Leaving Lake Havasu City, AZ, for treatment can offer more privacy

What to Expect When Arriving at Icarus in Nevada

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our commitment to helping you starts before you meet us in person. In fact, if you feel ready to contact our facility at any time while reading this page, feel free to connect. New patients often start the process by phone, asking our health insurance specialists to help with coverage verification. We take care of the health insurance details with one quick phone call.

We offer clients a variety of treatment options:

Because of the driving distance from Lake Havasu City, AZ, the rest of this page will focus on inpatient treatment. The next sections will cover what happens when you arrive at our inpatient care center to start drug rehab.

Intake Assessment to Start Getting Support at Our Rehab Center

When you arrive, our team will conduct a quick health discussion. It will cover your current physical and mental health and the last time you used (and how much) medication. If you or your loved one have a dual diagnosis, be sure to mention it.

This is also when you should inform us of any prescription medication; bring it to the rehab center in the original pharmacy bottle. This assessment helps us plan for dual diagnosis treatment.

About the Medical Detox Process

The next stage is the thing that many people dread – the detox process. However, detox should not scare you. Remember that you are in the capable hands of a professional team throughout your detox.

You have spent much time putting substances into your body. During detox, the body metabolizes and eliminates those substances. Once you have withstood detox, you never need to do so again.

Our team will provide medical assistance during detox if any symptoms become dangerous.

Residential Treatment Beyond Drug Rehab Lake Havasu City: Get a Foundation for Recovery

Residential Treatment and Therapy

As detox ends, you will move into therapy and counseling sessions. You will participate in individual therapy and group therapy. During counseling, you dig deep inside to understand the causes of your addiction. Therapy also teaches you how to replace harmful behaviors with healthy coping skills.

You may also have medication-assisted treatment. If you need opioid addiction treatment services or alcohol abuse, we will provide medication-assisted treatment to help step you off substances.

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Ongoing Support When Going Home to Lake Havasu City, AZ

Alcohol and drug addiction recovery is an ongoing process. When you leave our facility to go back to Lake Havasu City, AZ, you will have the tools to stay clean and sober.

Your aftercare plan will include some good ways to spend time after treatment. Staying active can help you avoid further alcohol and drug temptations. In Lake Havasu City, you have many activities that can help you stay sober.

A Sampling of Options for Sober Fun in Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • Visit your town’s most famous destination – London Bridge. Be sure to take time to catch some sunshine at London Bridge Beach
  • Go swimming at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center as you continue restoring your physical health.
  • Have children? Take them out to play at the Rotary Community Park and catch up on lost time.
  • Check out Cattail Cove State Park for outdoor fun.

Local Alcohol and Drug Addiction Support Groups in Lake Havasu City

Addiction Support Groups in Lake Havasu City

Residents of Lake Havasu City will find several support groups; they’re another tool to avoid relapse after leaving the rehab center. AA and NA are free. SMART Recovery, a more secular alternative and complement to Anonymous offerings, also holds online meetings convenient to Lake Havasu and its surroundings.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Lake Havasu City Intergroup has meetings listed at the Lake Havasu Fellowship Hall, at the Havasu Regional Medical Center, and other locations, and also offers a helpline to call for meeting times: 877.652.9005.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups are also helpful. You can find NA meetings in Lake Havasu City, Arizona by clicking here.

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Get Proven Treatment Programs Near Lake Havasu City at Icarus Nevada

If you are ready to leave Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to pursue a new, healthy lifestyle, our leading alcohol and drug rehab center is here to help. Substance abuse can be put in the past and does not have to define the future, whether for yourself or someone you love. Our clients are our top priority, and providing them with a solid foundation for lasting recovery is our reason for existence.

Our evidence-based therapy is effective and proven to support substance abuse recovery. If you or your loved one would like support for lasting change and healing, Icarus Nevada is here to help –let’s connect today!