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Beacon Health Options for Substance Abuse Treatment

When it comes to receiving coverage for substance abuse treatment, you can rely on your provider to deliver some form of funding for behavioral health and substance use disorders. Most plans received through Medicaid are widely accepted by most mental health and drug rehab facilities, so there’s not much cause for concern in this regard. However, things can get a little more confusing when it comes to private and employer-provided insurance.

Beacon drug rehab coverage, however, is widely accepted by many behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers.

Beacon can cover most of the cost of your outpatient or inpatient treatment, making them different from most providers. They actually specialize in mental health and drug and alcohol addiction. This means the amount of coverage you receive is likely to be much higher than alternative providers.

Keep reading to find out more about using Beacon for rehab, and how to get a solid foundation for recovery with our services at Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada now!

Beacon Health Options at a Glance

Beacon Health Options

Beacon Health Options is the product of the merging of two large health insurance companies that took place several years ago. Technically the company has been in business for a while – however, the two organizations that merged to create the present-day structure were long-time providers.

Following the merger between ValueOptions, and Beacon Health Strategies in 2014, the partnership became known as Beacon Health Options. It is now the largest private healthcare organization in the U.S., with over 50 million clients. It also serves over 350 clients, 41 of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike most insurance companies, Beacon Health Options treats substance abuse and behavioral health disorders. This makes it an ideal partner for many other healthcare organizations. It also provides these services through its partnership with over a hundred external health plans.

In fact, in 2022, Beacon partnered with a network of over 10,000 behavioral health centers and rehabilitation facilities in the United States – so Beacon Health Options are many when it comes to substance use disorder treatment and mental illness. If you receive Beacon Health Options or are preparing to sign on with a company that provides Beacon, this article sheds light on what you can expect from the typical treatment program experience for drug and alcohol addiction.

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Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Need to Be In-Network? 

To be considered, treatment centers must be in network with Beacon Health Options. Out-of-pocket costs will apply to the services provided by facilities located outside the network.

This varies depending on the plan and the arrangement between the providers. For instance, it may be different for a plan to collaborate with another provider.

Luckily, Beacon Health Options have what’s known as “protective plans” in place for clients that have no choice but to be seen out-of-network during emergencies. For example, if your primary care physician has to send your test workup to a lab that’s out of network for special results – Beacon would likely cover this.

This is only one example – but this protocol benefits the recipient of Beacon Health Options, as it’s easy to end up in a scenario where you’re dealing with an out-of-network entity, especially during emergency situations.

Beacon Health Options and Substance Abuse: Levels of Care 

Beacon Health Options and Substance Abuse

This section outlines the basic Beacon health options for attending various care levels during your time at treatment centers like Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada.

Inpatient Treatment Services and Beacon Health Options

With Beacon Insurance, you’ll receive coverage for inpatient or residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment. A deductible is involved – although typically set at a very low rate. The copayments are usually minor as well – many reports claim that a stay at an inpatient treatment center only costs around $100 out-of-pocket for recipients of Beacon Health Options.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment and Beacon Health Options

With Beacon Insurance, you can expect to receive support for outpatient drug and alcohol care. The exact coverage will vary depending on your plan and whether the facility is an in or out-of-network provider.

Since Beacon has a wide variety of plans and services, it’s important to check whether or not you can get coverage for the treatment that you need. In addition, Beacon Health Options don’t include certain alternative medicine-based treatment centers. Each treatment center must be approved and provide evidence-based forms of therapy. At Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada, we check most of the boxes required by Beacon.

If you have any questions regarding certain forms of therapy and your coverage, contact Icarus Behavioral Health, and we’re happy to assist.

Focus On Aftercare

One unique characteristic that sets Beacon Health Options apart from the average provider is the fact that they not only provide coverage for halfway houses, sober living facilities, and other forms of extended aftercare programs – they encourage them. The services of Beacon Health Options are designed to provide ongoing care and support for people with drug and alcohol addiction.

They are focused on providing coverage for treatment that is longer-term instead of less intensive – hence the willingness to cover inpatient more extensively than outpatient, as mentioned in the sections above.

This means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to build on what you learn at Icarus Behavioral Health after treatment by a segue into sober living or additional aftercare treatment options.

Specific Areas of Coverage by Beacon Health Options

Specific Areas of Coverage by Beacon Health Options

If you plan on entering a treatment program or taking advantage of multiple types of therapy available at a treatment center, the list below highlights specific options that Beacon Health Options regularly provides extensive coverage for.

Treatment Centers that Provide Dual Diagnosis Therapy

At our treatment center in Nevada, we provide multiple forms of therapy to treat clients with co-occurring disorders. This is the simultaneous presence of both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse issue. Many insurance providers normally require prior authorization for a treatment center specializing in dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. However, Beacon Health Options places a special focus on any treatment center that delivers this form of care. This is an advantage for any of their members.

Primary Care Mental Health Treatment

After you exit any form of intensive therapy for addiction treatment, the most logical step afterward is a primary care regimen at a family therapy and counseling office that treats mental health disorders or some clinical program.

The employee assistance program through Beacon Health Options is also known among insurance providers for providing substantial coverage for these visits. These are normally the standard, once every month or once every two-week visits you would have with a counselor – but this is very important for addiction treatment post-rehab.

Prescription Coverage and Medication-Assisted Treatment

After addiction treatment, intensive outpatient, or any other addiction medicine program, many medical professionals prescribe some form of medication-assisted treatment for clients with drug abuse problems. In addition, you may also have some form of medication management for mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Most of them are partially or fully covered during and after your stay at a rehab facility.

Specialized Mental Health Coverage

If you need additional individual therapy or subsequent inpatient services, intensive outpatient, or other levels of care for specific mental health reasons, Beacon Health Options focuses on providing coverage for this as well.

Sometimes addiction treatment isn’t enough, and those seeking treatment need additional time in a separate mental health facility or additional mental health services. Beacon Health Options is likely to provide this extended coverage.

Ongoing and Continued Drug Treatment

If you’re in a situation where you’d like to continue your addiction treatment – for example, stays of 60, 90, and 120 days during inpatient treatment, or sober living, Beacon Health Options prioritizes coverage for these programs also.

It seems that Beacon Health Options has an, “if you’re going to do it, do it correctly,” type of approach to their treatment coverage, which is a beneficial scenario for anyone covered under any of their plans.

What Specific Forms of Treatment and Services Are Covered During Drug and Alcohol Rehab? 

What Specific Forms of Treatment and Services Are Covered During Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Beacon Health Options covers a range of different treatment models and services, whether you’re participating in outpatient or inpatient programs, partial hospitalization, detox, or other levels of care. It’s important to keep in mind regardless of the level of care, ultimately, the amount of coverage you receive depends on your plan. Contact Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada, and we can help you find the solutions you’re looking for regarding coverage amounts.

However, you can expect to receive at least partial (if not full) coverage for any of the following services:

Screening and Assessment

Any screening and assessment you undergo before, and during inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, or otherwise are usually covered by Beacon Health Options. This includes live one-on-one pre-screenings, assessments during your admissions process, and any other similar services you might require.

Treatment and Medical Exams

Any special medical examination and your treatment are at least partially covered. This includes any physical or mental health treatment you receive during your stay at rehab. Any physicals, bloodwork, or other medical procedures are covered as well.


Anything you experience during detox – doctor and nurse care, medication, or any other specific medical treatment is covered under Beacon Health Options.

Group Therapy/Family Therapy

Any group therapy or other forms of specialized therapy is covered. These sessions are generally led by a licensed healthcare professional, and Beacon provides any costs incurred during these sessions.

Behavioral Services and Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Any specific forms of evidence-based therapy you receive while in rehab are also covered under Beacon Health Options. Your personalized treatment plan and everything that it entails will likely receive coverage.

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Icarus and Beacon Health: Working Together for Your Recovery

If you’re a recipient of Beacon Health Options and want a quality treatment facility in or around Nevada, contact a member of our admissions team today. Even if you’re not in neighboring states and receive Beacon coverage, contact us, and we’ll help you navigate dealing with your insurance company and attending from out-of-state.

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