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Evidence-Based Treatment Support for Airmen and their Families

Substance abuse is one of the biggest infractions in the United States Military – and perhaps the most highly frowned upon activity among active duty service members. Members of any branch of the military who contend with drug abuse are risking far more than the average civilian.

What makes substance abuse such a risky practice for members of the military? Any time a member of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or any other branch of the military engages in substance abuse they run the inherent risk of destroying their careers. Any active-duty service member caught using, purchasing, selling, or even carrying any form of illegal narcotics, could face a dishonorable discharge and criminal action. In such cases, for airmen in Nevada and their families, our Nellis AFB drug rehab services offer help before these heavy consequences occur.

The unfortunate part about this is the fact that substance abuse often comes as a form of self-medication. Mental health disorders like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are common, even among active-duty members. This highlights the urgent need for rehabs near facilities like Nellis for service members battling alcohol or drug abuse. Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada provides treatment centers that offer things like medical detox, and inpatient and outpatient rehab, in addition to other care levels.

If you or someone you love is on active duty in the Air Force in Nevada and seeking Nellis AFB drug rehab (or alcohol rehab) services, we strongly encourage you to read this article until the end, as it contains life-saving information regarding behavioral health and the best treatment centers for beginning your recovery efforts!

Holding a Hard Line Against Substance Abuse

Mental Health for Military Members

Most of us are well aware of the fact that it’s military tradition to take a hard line against those who choose to break the rules – especially when it comes to issues like substance abuse. The military has always taken a strict “no tolerance” policy when it comes to drug abuse – and even other substance abuse issues like alcohol.

This likely stems from the high expectations of the soldiers stationed at places like Nellis Air Force Base. Because they’re entrusted to protect our country and tap into courage in the face of certain death, they are held to a much higher standard than the average civilian.

This makes it extremely difficult for the average person to understand the weight placed on the shoulders of these brave men and women on a daily basis.

Being Aware of the Importance of Mental Health for Military Members

Because active duty service is associated with these levels of bravery, we often forget that these individuals are human just like us. It doesn’t make them immune to common disorders that often lead to substance abuse. Therefore, this is a severely underserved demographic when it comes to the need for more treatment centers with impactful treatment programs.

It’s this lack of empathy – deliberate or otherwise, that makes it difficult for Nellis AFB soldiers to speak candidly about their need for residential treatment and other vital care levels available at a treatment center like Icarus Behavioral Health.

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Facing Issues of Substance Abuse for Nellis AFB Members

Substance abuse is triggered by multiple mental health scenarios – with issues like PTSD commonly looked at as the culprit. However, the truth is that addiction can manifest in an endless number of ways.

Enlisted men and women may form a chemical dependency, turning to coping strategies including alcohol abuse, cocaine use, and even opioids like heroin, fentanyl, and pain pills.

The most significant risks for service members at Nellis AFB NV include:

  • Struggles with mental health. One of the most common challenges that current members and veterans struggle with is their mental health. At our treatment center, we frequently work with soldiers from Nellis AFB NV who have PTSD, anxiety disorder, depression, and other hurdles. These disorders are triggered by traumatic events experienced during active combat, the constant pressure to perform at a high level in a hostile environment, and even loneliness and isolation. Going through a proven system at a drug rehab like ours is the best way to hash out a long-term recovery journey. With the highest quality care in a residential setting, members from Nellis AFB NV have experienced great success and a return to a normal way of living.
  • The toll of physical pain. Active duty airmen from Nellis AFB NV and veterans frequently deal with chronic physical ailments that lead to drug and alcohol addiction. This is especially true of Nellis AFB NV service members who have experienced active combat – but physical injury certainly isn’t limited to this demographic. Anything from a loss of extremities, concussions, collateral wounds from fragmented grenade blasts, hearing loss, and simple wear and tear from a physically grueling regimen can lead to self-medicating – which comes with a high cost.
  • Toxic environment. Despite the gratitude we have for our United States service members who serve at Nellis AFB and other bases across the United States, in some cases, life on base can be a toxic environment. Not every personality is built to deal with the constant scrutiny from higher-ranking officers and peers. This can lead to poor self-image and struggles with isolation, leading to more chronic mental health situations.

Overcoming Roadblocks On the Way to Recovery

Overcoming Roadblocks On the Way to Recovery

Coming forward to reach out for help is a significant challenge for an active duty service member. The difficulty stems from several different dynamics, and can include one or all of the following:

  • Most active duty service members are proud individuals. They may not be willing to admit to themselves or others that they’re struggling with alcohol or substance addiction. As soldiers, they’re taught not to show weakness and to always portray an image of strength and toughness. To some, admitting they have an addiction is a sign of weakness, and fear of being looked down upon may create a tough hurdle to conquer.
  • Another substantial roadblock is the fear of disciplinary action. Substance abuse isn’t just frowned upon and considered a moral dilemma – it’s against the rules. The consequences of failing a random drug screen or getting caught abusing illicit drugs could lead to an arrest, court marshall, and a dishonorable discharge.

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A Recommended Course of Action and Path to Support

While all of the above may be true, the consequences of not reaching out for support for those struggling to find recovery are far worse than the alternative. Being too proud to admit you have an addiction problem will ultimately lead to further complications and eventually health and possible legal problems.

Because of the current epidemic and raised awareness regarding addiction, peers and superiors are more willing to offer support to help you through your challenges. The best way to address the issue is to be transparent and forthcoming.

Fear of disciplinary action will lead to a more significant bind. The last thing you want to do is continue to hide your struggles and eventually fail a randomized drug test. Once this happens, you’ve reached the point of no return.

While you’ll still be able to obtain help, your superiors are far less likely to be as forgiving when it comes to your career. Stepping up and being honest before you break the terms of your contract by failing a drug screen can prevent further punishment.

Get the Help You Need to Get Back On Track

Addiction Treatment

At Nellis Air Force Base and other bases across the country, counseling programs are available for those who are willing to reach out. Contact your family and loved ones first for initial support. Many of the counseling programs are willing to refer you to an outside treatment provider like Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada. In addition, our facility works with veteran insurance providers so the cost of addiction treatment is covered.

TRICARE Insurance

At Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, we work with providers like TRICARE insurance – one of the most common providers for members of the Air Force and other military branches. Their coverage is well known for providing funding to cover the cost of many treatments offered at our alcohol and drug rehab in Las Vegas.

In addition, Icarus Nevada is currently accepting PTSD and mental health-only clients with or without the existence of a substance use disorder. If you’re struggling with mental health challenges, we can help you even if there are no addiction issues. With or without substance abuse, we strongly encourage you to reach out for behavioral health and addiction treatment.

Getting Treatment Covered for Family Members at Our Nellis AFB Drug Rehab

If an adult member of your immediate family (18 years old or older) is seeking assistance for mental health or substance use treatment, our treatment centers accept TRICARE and are convenient to Nellis AFB, such benefits are also available to cover treatment for your spouse and children (depending on age).

If you are seeking help for a loved one that is convenient and evidence-based, please reach out to our Admissions staff for answers on the support we can provide today!

Proactive Recommendations from Icarus Nevada

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Nevada may be home to Sin City, but there are plenty of sober activities to participate in – especially for service members who can travel freely on and off base. Local locations for NA and AA meetings in the area include:

  • Turning Point. 21 East California Street, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Triangle Club. 4600 South Nellis Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Hope House. 1401 North Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV.

In addition, the following activities are sober-friendly and present excellent opportunities to connect with others in recovery:

  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Hoover Dam
  • Hiking In Red Rock Canyon
  • Zion National Park
  • and much more.

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Enlist at Icarus Nevada and Get Lasting Recovery Support

You don’t need to struggle or hide an addiction any longer, or suffer as you watch a loved one do the same. A true demonstration of bravery is to face your challenges head-on and attack them proactively. Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is here to help you emerge victorious in one of the toughest battles life presents us with.

Accompanied by the right team and with a winning attitude, we can get you back on track, allowing you or your loved one to move forward in life with your head held high. For more information, contact our admissions team today for a confidential discussion of options!