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Addiction is a long-lasting disease that seeps into every piece of your life. It impacts relationships, damages your body, and lowers your quality of life, which makes it even harder to overcome your addiction. To put it simply, substance misuse ruins lives, so the best thing you can do is seek expert help to overcome it.

While there is no definitive rehabilitation approach that works for everyone, 30-day rehabs are a common starting point to jumpstart the path to recovery – and there’s no better time to get started than now. If you’re tired of letting substance abuse run your life, addiction treatment from Icarus can help.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada provides comprehensive substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation services to Las Vegas, the surrounding areas, and national clients. They’re specially equipped to provide dual-diagnosis treatment that addresses both the physical and mental sides of addiction, helping to improve your outcome and aid in your long-term recovery.

Icarus’s treatment plans are built to your specific needs and span both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, including 30 day rehab programs, as well as longer or shorter treatment that’s based on your needs.

Keep reading to find more information and also get details on whether a 30-day rehab from Icarus in Nevada is right for you or your loved one!

What Is a 30-Day Rehab?

30 Days Rehab - Inpatient Treatment

A 30-day rehab is an intensive treatment plan that has been designed to help you overcome drug abuse and learn the coping skills you need to stay sober. It’s generally an inpatient program where you’ll stay at your chosen rehab for between 28 and 30 days while undergoing daily monitoring and treatment for your disorder.

During your treatment, you’ll work with mental health professionals and communicate with others who are on the path to recovery to aid in your recovery.

Who Are 30-Day Rehabs For?

Anyone suffering from an addiction can benefit from a 30 day rehab program. Thirty days is generally considered the time it takes to break habits. It’s also enough time to be able to overcome physical dependence on most drugs, putting you in a position to take control of your life without a drug or alcohol addiction clouding your mind.

However, because 30-day rehab programs are mostly inpatient, they require a significant commitment. Situations where your addiction is strong enough to feel uncontrollable, puts you at risk due to dangerous behaviors, or poses a risk to your health during withdrawals are ideal for an inpatient program of at least 30 days.

30-day drug and alcohol treatment programs are generally best for substance abuse situations as opposed to mental health concerns due to the need for monitoring during withdrawal, but they can also be used in urgent mental health scenarios.

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Alternatives to 30-Day Inpatient Rehab

In some cases, a 30 day inpatient treatment may not be the right choice.

Addictions that don’t pose an immediate risk of harm due to chemical dependence are well-suited for programs like partial hospitalization (PHP).  With PHPs, you attend rehab during the day for intensive therapy and monitoring but return home overnight. Severe mental health conditions can also benefit from intensive partial-hospitalization programs, particularly when you’re forced to be home alone during the day.

Milder addictions and mental health disorders are generally better suited for intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), where you attend treatment facilities two to four times per week for a total of around 10 hours. They’re structured treatment plans that you must attend, but you return home after and don’t receive any monitoring.

The least intensive alternative to inpatient rehab is outpatient rehab. These programs generally include regular appointments with a therapist and psychiatrist to address your mental health needs but don’t require you to follow a specific schedule or stay at the facility. You may visit specifically to attend a therapy session, talk to a psychiatrist for medication management, or meet with others for group therapy.

What to Expect From a 30 Day Rehab Program

Drug rehab programs will begin differently depending on your addiction’s severity and the type of addiction you’re suffering from. It also varies depending on where you go to rehab, so no two rehab programs will provide the same treatment methods.

Evaluation of Your Condition

You’ll begin with an evaluation where a licensed medical expert from the rehab program collects your substance use disorder history and asks about mental health conditions. During this process, they’ll evaluate whether dual diagnosis is necessary, whether you need medical help while detoxing, and what treatment plan is best for you.

If you are seeking support for a loved one, the situation varies based on their willingness to get help. While it is not possible to force someone into rehab in Nevada for substance abuse, this assessment can provide valuable information on self-harm risks and other important criteria for determining the level of support.

Medical Detoxification

Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is the first step for anyone currently addicted to substances through regular use. Before you’re able to address the root of the addiction and overcome it, you need to have a clear mind and no physical dependence on any drugs so that you can focus on your recovery.

Detox is especially important for anyone who is withdrawing from alcohol abuse or benzodiazepine misuse because they pose an increased risk of dangerous side effects, so you’ll need the help of medical professionals to safely overcome your dependence. Detox treatments may include medication to lessen withdrawal symptoms and monitoring to ensure that you stay safe during withdrawals.

Daily Activities and Treatments

Each addiction treatment center will have a different schedule, activities available, and treatment plan for you. Your treatment plan may also change during your stay to ensure your needs are constantly addressed.

30-day rehabilitation is often a therapy and counseling-focused program. You’ll have a treatment team whom you meet with for one-on-one sessions for cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapy strategies to help identify the root causes of your addiction. These therapies will also be a crucial element of dual-diagnosis treatment that focuses on identifying and treating conditions like anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental illnesses that contribute to addiction, which you’ll only find in high-quality treatment centers like Icarus Nevada.

Group therapy and 12-step meetings are other crucial elements of many rehab programs. Addiction can be isolating and make you feel alone. These feelings are magnified during the emotional rollercoaster of withdrawal and recovery, making the community and relationships that you form with others through support groups essential to healing your mental health post-addiction. You may also form relationships with others in your group, providing you with a sober support network during your recovery.

Medication Management

Medication can play a significant role in your recovery. It helps ease withdrawal symptoms during detox, including reducing the risks of dangerous side effects. Medications like antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can also be used as part of dual-diagnosis treatment during recovery to address anxiety disorders or depression that contribute to addiction.

Psychiatrists who are part of your care team will meet with you regularly to develop a medication treatment plan that aids in your ongoing sobriety, which may also extend to after you complete your 30-day program as part of aftercare and ongoing assistance.

Aftercare and Ongoing Treatment

Aftercare Support and Ongoing Treatment

At the end of your 30-day inpatient rehab program, your care team will re-evaluate your condition to see the best next steps. They may recommend extending your treatment to 60 or 90 days if you haven’t made the progress you need to leave the program safely.

Alternatively, they may recommend that you move to intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization programs once the severity of your condition has improved. If you make significant strides in recovery and have a successful treatment, you might be recommended for outpatient treatment at the facility or receive a referral to a local provider for ongoing care once you return home.

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How Much Does a 30-Day Rehab Cost?

The cost of treatment is often one of the first things you’ll think of if you need help with an addiction disorder. With 30-day programs consisting primarily of inpatient treatment, the daily cost can be intimidating, especially compared to lesser programs like intensive outpatient or outpatient programs.

Fortunately, when intensive inpatient treatments are required, health insurance can usually help.

Does Health Insurance Cover 30-Day Rehab?

Yes, many forms of mental health and addiction treatment are covered by health insurance, including 30-day inpatient rehab programs. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that all insurance companies provide mental illness and substance abuse coverage, making help more accessible.

However, the specific coverage they offer can vary. Your insurance provider may try to impose a limit on the number of days of treatment they’ll cover or may require additional documentation proving a medical need for the treatments you receive. Insurance companies also don’t need to cover treatment received by facilities and treatment providers outside of their network, which means you’ll be forced to pay out of pocket costs for these drug rehab programs.

30 Day Rehab Costs Without Insurance

Inpatient programs are more expensive than other less intensive treatment programs. Staying at a rehab center means you’ll have to pay for meals, around-the-clock care, temporary housing in the facility, supplies you use during your stay, and amenities that are available to you during recovery, which can get expensive quickly.

30-day inpatient rehab costs vary extensively, but you could expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $1000 or more per day, depending on the treatment center you choose.

How to Choose Your 30-Day Rehab

Music Therapy Session

The right rehab can make all the difference. Addiction recovery is a complex and dynamic situation that requires expert assistance and guidance from trusted medical professionals. It also needs to be affordable and make you comfortable enough to be able to focus on your recovery.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a rehab facility.

Treatments Offered

A well-equipped drug rehab and mental health treatment center will offer a diverse selection of different treatments, therapies, and professionals to help you recover.

Capabilities like dual-diagnosis treatments can help to provide you with a more complete treatment plan that not only frees you of your addiction temporarily but also helps address any mental health conditions that contribute to it. By addressing the root mental condition that led to the addiction, you’re able to avoid relapsing more easily and improve your quality of life so that you don’t need to use drugs or alcohol to cope.

Your rehab facility should also offer multiple treatment techniques, including group therapy, individual therapy, alternative therapies, skill-building activities, and anything else that can make recovery easier and prepare you for your sober journey.

Health Insurance Coverage

A crucial factor to consider when choosing your rehab program is your health insurance coverage. Some people aren’t able to afford substance use disorder or mental health treatment without financial assistance, so ensuring that your selection is a part of your health insurance network can remove the financial burden of getting help.

Amenities Offered

Recovery is a mentally, emotionally, and physically draining experience. During your inpatient stay, you will be limited to the available amenities when it comes to spending time between treatments. They should help to make your experience more relaxing or enriching whenever possible.

Amenities can include anything from music therapy to a scenic mountain view to massage therapy. Each rehab center will have its own amenities, so look for one where you can recover comfortably. But beware – more amenities usually mean higher costs.

Should You Travel Out of State for a 30-Day Rehab?

When researching your treatment options, you may have come across a rehab program that you love, like Icarus. But they’re not in your state, so you’d have to travel to attend their program. In many cases, health insurance coverage may also be spotty when leaving your local region. So, is it worth it?

The Benefits of Out-Of-State Versus Local 30-Day Rehab

Benefits of Out-Of-State Rehab

Traveling to a different state has a number of benefits, as long as you have health insurance coverage or can afford the cost of treatment.

Attending rehab in another state gives you a better sense of privacy because you’re unlikely to see anyone you know while attending. You can focus entirely on your recovery instead of the social stigma around mental health treatment services.

You also have more options, which lets you choose a residential treatment center you’re most comfortable with and likely to see better results in. Some regions like Southern Utah and Arizona lack effective rehabs, so clients from those areas come to Icarus Nevada for help.

Another factor to consider is that attending a non-local rehab helps you get away from your environment and drug influences, allowing you to work on developing the skills you need to stay sober when you return.

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Addiction treatment is a necessity for anyone who is struggling with a substance use disorder. From medical detox to daily treatments to aftercare, an inpatient rehab program from trusted treatment centers give you the time, relapse prevention techniques, and skills you need to succeed in your recovery. Plus, it’s usually covered by health insurance.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada offers holistic drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment that includes 30 day inpatient programs along with partial-hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs to cater to all needs. They specialize in providing dual-diagnosis treatment that addresses the cause and effects of your substance abuse, setting you up for success in sobriety.

Don’t suffer any longer – contact us today to learn more about our programs and discover if a 30-day rehab program is right for you.