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Did you find this page after Googling drug rehab Searchlight, NV, and could only find a few options? Your search shows that you (or someone you love) struggle with alcohol or drug abuse. Let us pause to commend you – searching for a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility means the acknowledgment of a problem.

Let this moment build up to a true breakthrough with our support, as lasting recovery begins with the profound inner knowledge we need support to heal.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas understands the challenges people in Searchlight, NV, face when looking for treatment centers. Rehab in Searchlight is limited, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a holistic treatment plan tailored to support lasting recovery.

You will find more addiction treatment centers by widening your search efforts from Searchlight NV alone to Las Vegas, and our acclaimed services at Icarus Nevada.

Keep reading on to learn why we are a leading luxury drug abuse recovery center in Las Vegas. More importantly, you will see how our evidence-based rehab programs offer a solution to alcohol and substance use disorders!

Our Luxury Treatment Center Gives Newfound Hope Near Searchlight, NV


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Many who have completed treatment with us describe Icarus as a luxe treatment center. Our substance-free physical location is lovely and decorated to create calm. When you step outside our doors, you see beautiful vistas of mountains and desert vistas that soothe the soul.

The healing experience here is a precious gift in a beautiful, upscale setting nestled in the discreet confines of Enterprise, a world away from the Strip. Icarus Nevada offers various therapeutic approaches to accommodate each client’s recovery journey. Beyond the sheer beauty of our Las Vegas facility are the most precious gifts of all – solutions, recovery, newfound hope, and lasting sobriety.

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Clinical and Therapeutic Methods: Residential Setting vs Outpatient

We acknowledge that all experience substance abuse uniquely. Providing individualized treatment plans that follow evidence-based models and clinical options. Our industry achievements speak to our high level of care and compassionate staff.

We have three main treatment levels: residential, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). The therapeutic methods equip clients with an extensive toolkit to carry with them into recovery.

  • Residential or inpatient treatment centers offer the most structured setting. The resident’s daily routines include individual and group therapies, medication-assisted treatment, and holistic healing of the whole person. They confront unresolved traumas and find recovery through evidence-based methods.

Residents stay at the facility 24 hours a day during treatment. Inpatient treatment is usually best for those with the longest-term or most severe addictions. It’s also suitable for anyone with a dual diagnosis or additional mental health diagnosis.

  • Outpatient programs are a little less structured. As the name suggests, you can come from Searchlight, NV, during the day and go home at night. Following many of the same therapies as inpatients, you achieve lasting recovery.

These include one-on-one counseling, behavior modification therapies, and other proven techniques. IOP and PHP are usually better for people who have a stable home or family life or have less severe addictions.

Whether you receive inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment, we encourage you to take advantage of all our holistic offerings. From exercise and lifestyle classes to meditating, we encourage you to try these – they can even become valuable coping skills later. It all adds up to our commitment to quality care.

We also have an amazing alumni program. This full-circle support system lets our most successful program graduates come back to the facility as mentors. Then, they work to inspire current clients struggling with substance abuse. It’s a wonderful way to lead the way, showing others that there is a path to a fulfilling future.

What Happens at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility?

Medical Detox at Icarus

If you have never experienced our alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers before, you probably have many questions to ask.

When you arrive, you will meet with an amazing case worker for a quick conversation to determine your physical and mental readiness. They will ask about your drug abuse history, including recent use. They may also inquire about how you feel or any deeper underlying issue you suspect led you to substance use disorder.

Next, you will move into the medical detox phase. Icarus Nevada has many tools available that make the detox process less uncomfortable. These include medication and non-invasive detoxification, which is common for detoxing from opioids. Our dedicated team combines medication and holistic therapies to walk you through this challenging time.

Drug Rehab Searchlight Services: Icarus Nevada Offers Support Every Step of the Way!

As you start to feel better during detox, you will start to receive help from a counselor or therapist. Our rehab centers leverage evidence-based models to help you reshape your behaviors. These can include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change your behavioral patterns or group therapy, where you work with your peers. The goal is always to look ahead to long-term recovery.

During the last days you spend at Icarus in Nevada, you will receive critical help – your aftercare plan, which some call a relapse prevention plan. Ahead of you lies a path filled with pitfalls – you live close to Las Vegas and all the temptations, after all! But when you prioritize evidence-based methods to avoid relapse that we will share with you, you’ll have everything you need to focus on your wellness.

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After Completing Our Programs: Sober Activities Near Searchlight, NV

You will suddenly find a new sense of freedom when you graduate rehab with Icarus in Nevada. Unlike American Addiction Centers’ facilities, we are not owned by a nationwide company. As a hometown choice for Las Vegas and Silver State experts, we know our local cities and towns in Nevada and savor all they have to offer!

On leaving Icarus in Nevada, you will have freedom from chemical dependency. But also freedom of time – a lot of time. Staying focused on positive, healthy activities can help you avoid the past, and break the endless cycle of using.

Remember that you have spent weeks honing an innate capacity for resisting alcohol and drug abuse.

Substance Abuse Support From AA or NA Groups in Searchlight, NV

AA or NA Groups in Searchlight

A key tool in your sobriety kit can come from attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These famous twelve-step programs provide a local support system where you learn from others who share your experiences. Members remain diligent, holding one another accountable for ongoing sobriety.

Other options include SMART Recovery, with tons of online meetings for Nevada, as well as physical meetings about a half hour from Searchlight in nearby Boulder City.

You can share about your struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. However, it is also okay to share fewer details – at least until you feel compelled to do so. Both groups are also anonymous and free to attend. If you have the resources, they will be grateful for the donation.

AA opportunities in Searchlight, NV: Searchlight Community Church, 815 US-95, Searchlight, NV 89046. Meeting time: Wednesday @ 8 pm. In-person AA opportunities near Searchlight, NV, are limited. However, besides the Searchlight Community Church meeting time, you can check out online AA meetings by clicking here.

NA opportunities in Searchlight, NV: The closest Narcotics Anonymous groups to Searchlight, NV, are in Henderson and Las Vegas. However, Searchlight, NV, is within the Las Vegas Narcotics Anonymous region. Thus, residents are welcome to join their online NA meetings.

Get Essential Tools for Success at the College of Southern Nevada

Did your struggle with substance abuse impact your career? If you need job assistance, you can find it just a short drive from Searchlight, NV, at the College of Southern Nevada. It’s time for a fresh start. So why not build an extraordinary future that includes the career you’ve always wanted? They have non-credit workforce development programs, GED studies, and degree programs.

After you complete your coursework, they offer good job placement resources to their graduates. It’s a zero-tolerance campus, so you will be in a clean and safe environment.

Here’s an added bonus: If you decide at some point to move from Searchlight, NV, the College of Southern Nevada has multiple campuses. In addition to the closest one (Henderson), you can pick up your studies at the other facility.

Spend Some Time Outdoors Enjoying the Beauty of Searchlight, NV

Swim at Nelson’s Landing

Searchlight offers incredibly rugged beauty. Take advantage of all the outdoor fun at places like Nelson’s Landing, where you can hike or swim.

You can even cliff dive into the Colorado River if you feel super adventurous (perhaps the fewer details we share about the jump heights, the better—we’ll leave that as a surprise for you to discover).

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If you live in Searchlight, NV, you have Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada as an ally in your corner. We are an excellent partner to help you achieve your long-term recovery and sobriety goals. We will support you along your addiction treatment journey. Best of all, we are just under an hour’s drive from Searchlight, NV!

That makes our alcohol and drug rehab center services suitable for inpatient or outpatient help. Seize the momentum in reading our resources, get ready to hit that reset button, and start a new, clean, and sober life, give us a call – we are here anytime and it’s always confidential!