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Enterprise, NV, is no stranger to the struggles of drug addiction. After all, when you’re essentially a part of the town known as Sin City – it comes with the territory. Despite what outsiders might think about the Las Vegas Valley area, Enterprise is an exciting place to live all year round, offering plenty to keep one entertained instead of idle along their recovery journey.

Because Enterprise is familiar with a population that has a history of struggles with drug addiction, the need for quality drug rehab centers has been high on the list of mandatory needs in Clark County. At Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, we offer a secluded drug rehab in Enterprise option, with our inpatient center for those looking to remain completely anonymous during their recovery journey, as well as a comprehensive outpatient drug rehab center.

If you’re a resident of Enterprise, NV looking for a solution for your challenges with drug addiction, Icarus is located in your backyard. The standout features of our facility, along with the surprisingly high amounts of sober activities and volunteer programs for those in recovery, create an atmosphere that promotes long-term recovery.

In this article, we highlight the process of participating in programs convenient to Enterprise at Icarus, along with fantastic ideas for continued recovery after completing treatment.

Our Private Programs Are Convenient for Drug Rehab In Enterprise, NV

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada exterior in Las Vegas NV

Our private drug rehab centers provide some of the finest accommodations for those looking to battle their substance abuse challenges while remaining shielded from the public eye. Privacy is an important component when it comes to the addiction treatment process, and our facility is nestled in a secluded piece of property in the rural area of Enterprise.

When you have one of the top drug rehab centers in Nevada right ‘next door,’ you have a multitude of options when it comes to varying levels of care. Let’s take a look at the different drug rehab programs available at our treatment centers in Enterprise, NV.

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Supervised Medical Detox Programs

Medical detox is generally the starting point for any inpatient drug rehabilitation center. After beginning your abstinence from substance abuse, your body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. This is your body craving more of your substance of choice after you’ve become physically dependent.

After reaching the point of physical dependence, the detoxification period is extremely uncomfortable, and users go through a great deal of pain. Rarely is this ordeal considered life-threatening, but it does often require medical attention.

Our Clinical Team: Alongside You Every Step of the Way

Our professional medical staff works tirelessly to keep our clients comfortable during this process. Doctors and nurses prescribe medications for anxiety, depression, stomach irritation, and lack of sleep. The most prominent symptoms during the withdrawal process are lack of sleep and dehydration – both of which our staff is mindful of during the process to help you avoid further medical complications.

If you opt for medical detox, the next logical step is typically inpatient drug rehab as opposed to therapy at our outpatient drug rehab center. Our inpatient addiction treatment is outlined below.

A Leading Choice for Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Enterprise, NV

Contacting For Admissions

For individuals who suffer from the most severe substance abuse challenges, inpatient drug rehab is the most logical solution. We offer stays of 30, 60, and 90 days, depending on the severity of your condition. Expect the following process upon contacting admissions and enrolling in our inpatient drug rehab:

  • After contacting admissions, you’ll be asked a series of questions regarding addiction treatment and your history of substance abuse. The best part about our drug rehab center is the fact that we work with most insurance agencies, allowing us to get the ball rolling after your initial phone call.
  • Once your insurance clears funding for your stay at our drug rehab center, you’ll receive a date for your initial admission.
  • Upon arrival, you’ll receive a short screening from our medical team. This consists of nothing more than a simple physical examination, ensuring you’re in a sufficient physical condition to move forward with treatment.
  • After your physical, you’ll meet with an admissions specialist to begin crafting your personalized treatment plan. This is where we outline the specifics of your treatment and make a decision together on the best course of action for your therapy at our drug rehab center.
  • You’ll be given a grand tour of our drug rehabilitation center so you can get acquainted with the grounds and be taken to your living quarters. Most clients are given time to acclimate to the facility, in addition to meeting time with the nurse’s station to sort out any medication regimen.
  • After getting familiar with the area and finalizing your check-in, you’ll receive a schedule for your time at our drug rehab center. This outlines the scheduled time for your therapy sessions, group treatment, family therapy, and other additional treatment you receive while under our care.

For less acute cases, we have additional options you may opt for in place of inpatient therapy. Many clients of our drug rehab center choose outpatient treatment as their initial introduction to therapy.

Alternatively, this form of therapy and program is also available as a stepping stone between inpatient treatment and a full discharge.

Outpatient Rehab Centers In Enterprise, NV

Outpatient Rehab Centers In Enterprise

Clients who experience less severe cases of substance abuse disorder can choose outpatient therapy as an alternative at our rehab centers. Icarus Behavioral Health is considered one of the leading alcohol and drug rehab center experiences in Nevada for both its inpatient and outpatient settings, as we provide many of the same therapeutic modalities for each.

The difference is the intensity of treatment during each level of care. Typically, most clients attend outpatient therapy for substance use disorder for a total of about 6 hours per week. Many clients find that medication-assisted treatment is also beneficial during the outpatient process, as it helps them eliminate cravings that would normally lead to relapse.

If you require more intensive options as part of your Enterprise, NV treatment, we offer two additional levels of care to help you work towards a successful recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our Enterprise, NV, location also provides Partial Hospitalization programs or PHPs, another form of treatment typically covered by most private health insurance agencies. During this form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, clients participate in a full-time schedule.

This means reporting for therapy sometime in the morning, usually around 9:00 AM. Clients will remain at our rehab center for the majority of the day – generally until 5:00 PM, upon which time they’re allowed to return home.

This form of therapy includes more peer support groups and additional offerings as part of a client’s individualized treatment plans. Normally, PHP becomes part of the recovery process when clients require inpatient care but aren’t able to remain at our rehab center overnight. This may also be used as a segue between inpatient and outpatient therapy for drug and alcohol addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Options for Drug Abuse

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

If you’ve attempted standard outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient services might be the next best option to combat your drug abuse challenges. Many clients find that standard outpatient simply doesn’t provide enough one-on-one time with counselors.

In these situations, our intensive outpatient program (IOP) options require an extension of up to 10 to 12 hours per week, with time spent working through the same evidence-based therapies, only with a more rigorous schedule.

Clients might also participate in additional rehab programs as an extension of standard treatment. If this still doesn’t provide enough time for a client, we also offer Partial Hospitalization Services, which is the step before inpatient treatment.

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Aftercare Services

One of the most important elements of any rehab center is the aftercare process. Many professionals claim the recovery process begins when you finalize treatment. This is true in a sense – as one of the most difficult challenges of recovery begins when treatment ends.

Everything you learned during therapy – your coping mechanisms, behavioral modification techniques, and other recovery efforts, are put to the test in real-life situations.

It’s critical that you have your support structure in order before exiting our rehab center. Our staff places great emphasis on this portion of recovery, ensuring that you’re fully prepared to enter society without a heightened risk of relapse. Aftercare preparation services include:

Education Regarding Living a Healthy Life

It’s important to continue to take care of the mind and body after completing treatment. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is imperative if you’re going to be successful in your recovery efforts.

Referrals for Continued Treatment

It’s never a bad idea to continue an extension of treatment after you part ways. This might include counseling or meetings as part of the AA or SMART Recovery program.

Local meetings for AA can be found on the regional Area 42 website, with NA meetings found on their main website, with Las Vegas area gatherings found here.

Entering the Workforce

Assistance with occupational matters and finding a permanent place to reside are services generally offered after Enterprise drug rehab. Halfway houses and sober living centers play a vital role in the aftercare process, helping you to slowly integrate back into society.

Clean and Sober Activities to Pursue in Enterprise

Sober Activities to Pursue in Enterprise

While tourists may flock to the Strip and perhaps even visit Hoover Dam during their time in Nevada, Enterprise has a lot more to offer! After graduating from our residential programs, or during outpatient participation, here are some of our favorite activities to pursue clean and sober in the area!

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Icarus Offers Effective Programs for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Enterprise

If you reside near Enterprise, Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County, or other nearby cities in the area – Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas is the leading provider of rehab programs and services. Put a stop to the endless cycle of addiction and contact a member of Icarus Behavioral Health today.

We provide a private residence with all the finest amenities, including the most comfortable accommodations, living arrangements, and top-level care. You owe it to yourself to reclaim your life and begin your journey towards recovery – contact our team today.