Optum Rehab Coverage for Behavioral Health

Getting Effective Treatment Covered In-Network at Icarus Nevada

Have you struggled with mental health issues or substance abuse? If you have Optum, rehab and mental health services are covered by your plan. Optum Health Insurance offers many treatment options to help you live your best life without worrying about what’s covered.

Las Vegas-based Icarus Behavioral Health is an in-network provider that works seamlessly with your Optum rehab coverage. We can help you obtain the benefits of a full range of specialty care services and treatments. Covered services include everything from mental illnesses to addiction treatment to a combination of both (co-occurring disorders).

Please continue reading to see how we can help you maximize your Optum insurance plan benefits and enjoy better health and evidence-based treatment support now!

Does Optum Insurance Cover Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health Care?

Inpatient or Outpatient Care for Addiction and Mental Health

Yes, Optum Health Insurance does cover substance use disorders and other mental diagnoses! Depending on the severity of the disorder, they cover a range of treatments. In some cases, coverage can be up to 100%; in other cases, the insured party may be responsible for a small cost.

A sampling of the services our facility offers that they may cover include the following:

Inpatient Care and Outpatient Services for Addiction or Mental Health

Clients work with a qualified treatment provider to discover the causes of their mental health concerns and address them holistically. From healing addiction or mental illness to improving your physical fitness, we want the time you spend in inpatient or outpatient treatment to bring results.

In-patients at Icarus Behavioral Health receive the highest level of care to meet their recovery needs. Inpatient treatment provides support 24 hours a day. The Optum Insurance plan covers residential treatment for those with a complex diagnosis. Inpatient treatment is also helpful for those who have sought support at a recovery center but need extra care.

Icarus Behavioral Health offers two outpatient treatment programs: Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). With each, clients go home or to a sober living facility to sleep at night and work on their treatment plans during the day.

Both use evidence-based therapies and take a holistic approach to wellness. Optum Insurance approves an outpatient treatment plan for those with less complicating factors or those requiring less support than inpatient treatment.

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Optum Rehab Coverage and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is helpful for people who have other medical or mental health needs besides the primary diagnosis. For example, some people come to treatment centers unaware that they have an underlying diagnosis of trauma, perhaps dating back to childhood. Because of that trauma, their mental state has spiraled into other issues, from chronic depression to substance abuse.

The doctor at Icarus Behavioral Health can help with treatment for both conditions – helping the person end the struggles with substance abuse while prescribing medications to help them as they learn to cope with the trauma. Optum will cover this.

Optum Coverage and Medical Detox Services to Release Drugs or Alcohol

Addiction treatment options start with medically supervised detoxification. Withdrawing from a drug of choice can cause numerous uncomfortable symptoms. Most clients have moderate discomfort. Especially with alcohol or opioid addiction treatment, these symptoms can become severe. A doctor will prescribe medications to help ease these. Optum covers this treatment.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment are Essential Health Care Services

Optum Icarus Nevada

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 made many changes to ensure that health insurance could no longer treat mental illnesses or drug and alcohol addiction treatment differently from physical health services and preventive care. It also expanded Medicaid plans and created the Health Insurance Marketplace, giving Americans greater access to affordable coverage.

Until then, many insurance plans gamed the system, blocking or severely restricting access to much-needed mental health services. These were some past insurance plan tactics to avoid paying for drug and alcohol addiction treatment and other services:

Insurance Companies Once Imposed Unfair Restrictions and Barriers to Drug Rehab

Some plans imposed lower annual and lifetime caps on mental wellness and drug and alcohol rehab than other conditions. Therefore, people with severe challenges, such as personality disorders, would max out coverage quickly. Before the ACA, many people struggling with mental illnesses, behavioral health concerns, or substances could not afford the cost of help. Insurance companies were notorious gatekeepers, financially barring people from treatment centers by charging higher co-payments and deductibles for essential services.

Some insurers used to exclude certain diagnoses altogether. For example, a specific plan may have excluded body dysmorphia or eating disorders but cover treatment for depression. Another plan might have done the exact opposite. The ACA has leveled the playing field and ended this game.

Get Optum Covered Rehab Options at Icarus – Call Now!

Icarus Can Help You Get Optum Rehab Pre-Authorized

Understanding your Optum Insurance coverage can get confusing. The health insurance industry has a long track record of using confusing jargon. Whether you have Optum Insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace or as part of your Medicare Advantage Plan, our admissions team can help.

We understand how Optum Insurance works and speak their language. It can be frustrating for someone struggling with an active addiction to call Optum to learn what they cover. The long hold times and not knowing what to tell them about your need to visit a treatment facility can be triggering when your addiction is at its worst. Let us help you!

We can call them for you, using our experience to maximize your benefits based on your treatment needs. Our team understands what is necessary to approve Optum coverage for residential substance abuse treatment versus outpatient alcohol rehab. We will do everything we can to help you connect with the right provider and ensure Optum will cover the right level of care.

What You Need When You Call Us to Assist With Optum Insurance

Verify Optum Insurance Coverage

When you call us for help getting drug or alcohol rehab certified, we will ask you for some general information. Your call to us is confidential. The information we need is the same regardless of whether you have Optum group coverage or Medicaid plans. Here’s the information we need when you call:

  • Your contact information: Full name, address or the location where you stay, current phone number. After we call Optum Insurance, we need to reconnect with you.
  • Date of birth: Optum Insurance uses this information to double-check your coverage.
  • Optum Insurance Plan Numbers: The card includes your group and individual plan identification numbers. This information helps determine the insurance benefits covered.
  • Co-insurance: If another family member or loved one has co-insurance that might help cover your addiction treatment, please have that handy. This might be a spouse’s group insurance. For college students who might have their own coverage, it could be a parent’s plan that still has some coverage.
  • Your current condition: Are you calling for a loved one in crisis? Optum offers emergency admissions in some cases. If the situation threatens their life, call 911; then call us to see what’s covered.
  • Past recovery efforts: If you have struggled with long-term substance abuse and have tried outpatient or residential treatment in the past, let us know. Our goal is to access the greatest coverage. In cases where past treatment has been ineffective, we describe it to Optum to leverage access to inpatient treatment.

Once you call us to share your behavioral health or substance abuse needs, we will call Optum for you. When we call you back, you’ll receive information about the coverage to minimize the cost of the treatment provider and the next steps toward starting your inpatient or outpatient care.

Icarus Works With Other Top Insurance Companies Besides Optum

Icarus Works With Other Top Insurance Companies

Besides working with Optum, we are an in-network provider with Nevada’s Medicaid and other top private and group insurance companies that will cover addiction treatment. These companies are worth noting if you do have co-insurance in addition to Optum. Some other companies we work with include the following:

We are also happy to be a Tricare provider and support our armed service members stationed nearby at Nellis Air Force Base and Creech Air Force Base.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Optum – Call Now!

Connect With Icarus Nevada to Get Treatment Covered by Optum

Now that you are certain that you have Optum coverage for treatment for mental or behavioral health, including treatment for drugs or another addiction, it’s time to make your next move.

Whether you want to visit to make a final decision or are ready to trust your gut instincts and start addiction treatment, reach out to us. We are here to assist.

All calls are strictly confidential, so please contact us for support options today!