Does MultiPlan Cover Rehab

Does MultiPlan Cover Rehab?

Using MultiPlan Insurance for Treatment at Icarus Nevada

If you are a MultiPlan Insurance member, you might ask: Does MultiPlan cover rehab? If you or a loved one struggles with mental health or addiction treatment services, you are doing the right thing by searching for the facts so that you can seek care. Professional substance abuse treatment is the most effective way to overcome addiction and receive any related mental health services you might need.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada accepts many MultiPlan policies to help you get clean and stay sober! Our entire team has specific training in addiction treatment and behavioral health treatment. We have helped countless individuals – just like you or your loved one – recover from drug abuse or alcohol addiction. Our singular goal is effective and long-term addiction treatment.

We invite you to keep reading to learn more about how MultiPlan insurance coverage can help you get the substance abuse treatment you need, and how the proven programs at Icarus in Nevada offer a leading choice for effective care!

What Is MultiPlan Insurance Coverage?

Negotiating with Healthcare Providers

You might see a MultiPlan logo next to your insurance company’s information on your insurance card. However, MultiPlan insurance is not a direct health insurance provider. Rather, it’s a company that helps manage healthcare costs. They keep costs more affordable for your insurance provider (and for clients, in turn) by doing these things:

  • Negotiating rates with healthcare providers to get the lowest costs for consumers
  • Processing insurance claims and managing costs
  • Auditing to catch and correct billing errors to keep plan rates lower.

MultiPlan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) rather than a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). While either can be a good option for plan members, PPO plans generally offer more flexibility – excellent news for you as a policyholder!

MultiPlan Insurance plans give you access to almost a million PPO healthcare providers. In other words, the MultiPlan network offers many doctors who accept MultiPlan Insurance. However, consumers deal with their direct insurance carriers, not MultiPlan.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada accepts many plans held by MultiPlan insurance policy members. The process for getting started is simple, reach out to Icarus in Nevada for a prompt confidential verification and learn your coverage details and costs for treatment (if any) promptly and discreetly!

Fast and Free Insurance Verification – Get Help Now!

Does MultiPlan Insurance Cover Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes! Most primary insurance providers do cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment services

That’s because the Affordable Care Act, which became United States law on March 23, 2010, deemed mental health treatment, including substance use disorders, as essential health care services. As a result of this law, major insurance providers had to cover treatment for drug and alcohol addiction equally to any physical health concerns.

The Affordable Care Act closed a loophole that had allowed most insurance companies to deny care for substance abuse treatment. Most had dodged covering it by including language in their insurance plans to deny “pre-existing conditions,” which often applied to insurance policy members. Also, some insurance coverage just did not include help for mental health coverage or addiction treatment.

With all of that in the past, insurance plans often cover rehab expenses fully when you’re ready to receive substance abuse treatment services.

Should I Call my Insurance Provider About Addiction Treatment?

You probably have many questions about your insurance coverage and concerns about out-of-pocket costs. Calling your insurance provider can be a daunting process! Fortunately, you have an even better option – one quick call to Icarus Nevada can answer all your questions.

Our intake and admissions team members have detailed knowledge of how mental health and addiction often interlink, and they can explain your specific needs to the insurance company. Your MultiPlan Insurance coverage gives you wide access to care at our addiction treatment center. Your call to us is free and confidential so that you can leave all your concerns about insurance benefits in our capable hands.

What Do I Need to Have Ready When Calling Icarus Nevada About My Health Insurance Plan?

Calling Icarus Nevada About My Health Insurance Plan

Calling health insurance carriers on your behalf means we need to have a little bit of information about your mental health and substance abuse history. When you call, have your MultiPlan Insurance company information ready. You will find everything we need on your health insurance policy card.

We will ask you several questions to clearly explain your needs to your MultiPlan Insurance company.

Here Are Some Things We Ask When You Call Us to Seek Treatment

Here are the usual questions to expect. Some are to verify your coverage; others help us determine the severity of your addiction so we can maximize your insurance benefits on your behalf:

  • What’s the full legal name on your insurance card and the date of birth?
  • Who is your health insurance company?
  • What is your health insurance plan group number
  • What’s your member ID number?
  • Do you have any secondary insurance plans (co-insurance benefits), such as a spouse’s plan?
  • What has the struggle with substance use disorder looked like?
  • Do you have any other mental health issues?
  • Have you sought mental health and substance abuse treatment in the past?

Each of these questions is necessary. Some may feel a little personal – or uncomfortable to discuss. Remember that the Icarus team deals with substance abuse all the time. We’re not here to judge but to get you the substance abuse coverage you need.

Here’s What Happens After We Call Your Insurance Company

We will phone you back with complete information after we speak with your health insurance plan provider. Before coming to the rehab facility, you will learn about how much addiction treatment costs, including out-of-pocket costs. With PPO plans, this process is relatively quick.

All you have to do is call Icarus in Nevada and answer those few questions. After you connect with our admission rep, you sit back and wait while we take care of discussing your drug and alcohol rehab with your insurance provider.

Does the MultiPlan Network Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis, or the presence of one or more mental health disorders, is covered by MultiPlan network providers. For instance, imagine someone who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction but also has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The substance abuse might have stemmed from a need to quiet the flashbacks or sleep soundly to avoid nightmares.

The drug and alcohol treatment center must treat the root cause – PTSD (or any other mental health disorders) – before they can help to heal the substance use disorder.

Getting addiction treatment without addressing mental health treatment is like watering a plant without putting it in a little bit of sunshine. Addressing only one of the plant’s needs neglects a key part of the process that helps it to thrive and grow.

So, the answer is a resounding yes. MultiPlan Network providers do cover dual diagnosis treatment!

Is My Insurance Plan in the MultiPlan Network?

Verifying Insurance Plan

Many of the top preferred provider organization plans are MultiPlan participants. Here are a few:

If we did not mention your coverage specifically, that does not mean your insurance plan is not included. Many participate. Just check your card to see if it mentions MultiPlan. If you don’t see it, don’t worry—just reach out to us. Our intake team can help with your addiction treatment coverage.

24 Hour Detox and Rehab Helpline – Call Now!

Meet Emma, Who Used Her Multiplan PPO Benefits to Get Addiction Treatment

Emma had recently retired from the United States Air Force. She had enjoyed Nellis Air Force Base so much that she decided to move to the Las Vegas area permanently. While off-duty, she frequented bars and enjoyed the Las Vegas nightlife. After retiring, she missed the structure of military life and felt empty. She started to fill the void with drinking, starting early in the day and continuing until she fell asleep.

Emma’s adult son, Alex, visited her apartment one morning a year after her retirement. He grew concerned at the changes in Emma’s appearance since she had retired. Their once neat-as-a-pin military mom no longer brushed her hair or took care of herself. They also noticed a stack of late notice bills on her once orderly desk.

They urged Emma to use her Tricare military retiree insurance coverage to get help. Emma called Icarus for help. The person she spoke with was really nice and assured her that most insurance plans cover rehab services. The person even called her PPO to verify coverage!

Does MultiPlan Cover Rehab? Icarus Nevada Offers Comprehensive Care Using MultiPlan Benefits

Alex drove Emma to Icarus later that same day. Icarus helped Emma cope with the loss of her job, which had consumed so much of her job. She had not realized that she was grieving for her kids growing up and leaving her job behind! The counselors helped her quit drinking and develop better ways to spend her time.

Today, Emma does not touch even a drop of alcohol. Instead, she’s using her talents and military background to work for a non-profit agency that helps former military members transition back into civilian life. Emma has reconnected with Alex and is restoring family trust.

What to Expect When You Arrive at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Residential Treatment Center

At Icarus Nevada, our addiction treatment centers work like a well-oiled machine from the moment you enter. Here are some likely steps, regardless of whether you go to a residential treatment center or choose outpatient treatment.

Our Nevada Rehab Centers Perform an Initial Assessment

When you first arrive at the treatment center, you will sit with an admissions specialist for a quick chat. They will ask some routine questions to help determine your physical and mental readiness for the recovery process.

They’ll ask you the following – and your answers are crucial for your care team:

  • Do you have any physical diagnoses they should know?
  • Have you received mental health treatment in the past?
  • When was the last time you used drugs or alcohol?
  • How much did you use?
  • Can you rate your drug addiction on a scale of one to ten?

These answers a key role as clients move forward into the next phase – drug and alcohol detoxification.

Medically-Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

The next phase is drug and alcohol detoxification under the watchful care of qualified staff. During detox, some people have mild withdrawal symptoms while others become distressed by the process.

That is natural. Months of years of alcohol or drug abuse have rewired your brain’s reward system. Thus, the process of restoring your health must start with undoing those “wires.” As the brain stops receiving the drugs or alcohol, it responds by sending the body warning signals, which are those withdrawal symptoms.

Because your drug and alcohol detox will happen in our treatment center, you will receive medications from your healthcare providers. These will help to minimize the discomfort of detoxification. They can also help you with some holistic techniques, such as deep breathing, to help you work through this phase.

Counseling and Therapy at Icarus Nevada

After detox, clients in either a residential treatment center or outpatient treatment program start intensive therapy and counseling sessions. These help you examine why you have turned to alcohol or drugs to cope. The work is hard, but once you identify why you abuse substances, you can learn how to shape new, healthy behaviors.

You will have individual counseling and therapy. However, according to your individual needs, you might also experience group or family therapy.

During this phase, you might also receive medication management services. That term often means that your care team may prescribe a medication that helps wean you off of your drug of choice. This is a frequent part of caring for alcohol or opioid use disorders.

However, it can also mean that the process uncovers a second diagnosis – mental or physical – that requires a prescription to manage. For example, years of drug abuse can lead to high blood pressure and later require medicine to keep it stable.

Another example is when clients have mental health and addiction issues together – rehab helps them stop abusing drugs. Still, they will need medication management for the underlying issue (such as depression).

Aftercare Planning Following the Completion of Rehab

Aftercare Planning Following the Completion of Rehab

The best rehab centers ensure that you have aftercare planning, also called relapse prevention tools, in place. Ongoing recovery means you’ll have a list of “safe” people to call if you feel triggered. You will learn about some healthier coping mechanisms to replace drugs or alcohol. You’ll discover some new, healthy recreational opportunities to fill your time.

We will also ensure you know local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to keep you on the right path as you move forward. In addition, we will encourage you to find local Alateen or Al-Anon groups for your family members.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By MultiPlan – Call Now!

Get Proven Support for Recovery Using MultiPlan at Icarus in Nevada

Are you ready for that fresh start? You deserve the best in life, but that starts with getting clean and sober. If you need help with PPO plans and your MultiPlan benefits, the Icarus Nevada team is here for you. We will verify your insurance coverage and work hard to leverage your plan benefits.

Many MultiPlan insurance plans fully cover mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment. Phone us now for details on coverage and to start your rehab program – as early as today!

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