Drug Rehab Bullhead City Alternatives

Getting Help Convenient to Bullhead AZ at Icarus in Las Vegas

Are you or someone you love looking for drug rehab Bullhead City, Arizona? Icarus in Nevada is a nearby treatment center with evidence-based programs that work. Icarus treats substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illness through a dedicated, whole-person approach.

Over 17% of the total US population aged 12+ had a substance use disorder in 2021 alone, but many people facing drug abuse in Arizona aren’t getting the help they need. Our residential inpatient program provides a relaxing and restorative living space for clients on-site and is ideal for clients coming from Bullhead City, Arizona.

Where you go for treatment can make an impact on your recovery and overall experience. Icarus Nevada is here to help clients do more than achieve initial sobriety. We help you improve your quality of life, address factors that contribute to addiction, and rebuild after the impacts of substance use disorders.

Let’s talk about our substance use programs for Bullhead City residents and how to get to Icarus Nevada from Bullhead City. Then, we’ll discuss maintaining your recovery after rehab and how sober activities in Bullhead can help once you or your loved one complete treatment with us!

Our Residential Treatment Programs Near Bullhead City, Arizona

Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment is often recommended for clients seeking rehab centers in Bullhead City. Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is a leading treatment provider for those overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Our residential inpatient facilities are a welcoming home away from home.

While you could consider local providers like Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Icarus offers a broader range of services, including a dedicated and fully licensed inpatient rehab.

Clients in our residential inpatient program benefit from comfortable rooms, 24/7 access to staff support, nutritious meals, and a wide variety of on-site amenities. Inpatient programs are an optimal starting point for most clients because of the structure they provide, but when you’re coming from Bullhead City, inpatient treatment has the added benefit of an on-site support system.

All of our substance use programs approach addiction treatment from a whole-person perspective. The residential inpatient program at Icarus Nevada will help you care for your overall mental health, take care of your body, and create a life you love in a dedicated substance-free space away from daily life triggers.

As an inpatient client, your daily schedule will consist of individual therapy, process groups, group therapy, recreation, meals, and other activities. We will work with you to create and adjust treatment goals as needed.

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Withdrawal Management: The Role of Inpatient Detox

Most clients facing drug and alcohol addiction attend detox programs prior to entering a residential inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The reason for this is that detox programs are designed to help you discontinue drug use safely but do not address the underlying causes of substance abuse.

Not all drug rehab centers have inpatient detox services, which can be a challenge for clients coming from out of state. Icarus Nevada is different. We offer detox that provides 24/7 supervision and support for clients from all areas going through drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Once you have reached a place of physical stability and are ready to participate in regular group and individual therapy, you can transition from detox to our residential inpatient program or an outpatient treatment program.

Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

Outpatient services won’t be the right fit for all clients coming from Bullhead City, but they may apply to some. All Icarus locations offer multiple levels of outpatient care, most notably our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

PHP, also called partial day treatment, involves attending treatment most days per week for groups, at least once weekly for individual therapy, and other activities. IOP and standard outpatient treatment programs require fewer treatment hours per week and are more flexible than PHP.

Some clients transition to an outpatient treatment program after residential inpatient, but not all. This is called a “step-down” approach. Outpatient can also be an ideal starting level of care for clients with external commitments, like work and school, or those with more minor symptoms.

What do you do about housing if you’re a Bullhead City resident considering outpatient services at Icarus? Icarus Nevada can help you find a sober living placement close to our treatment center in Las Vegas. Our facility is also equipped to provide referrals to services in your local area if needed.

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Getting to Icarus Nevada From Bullhead City, AZ

Icarus Nevada is about an hour and 45 minutes away from Bullhead City, AZ. You can get here via US-95 N or US-93 N. Note that there is an hour time change when traveling from Bullhead City to Las Vegas.

Please give us a call if you need help with directions, or with arranging for pickup from the airport if you are flying in for treatment.

Protecting Your Recovery After Treatment at Icarus

Protecting Your Recovery After Treatment

All clients at Icarus Nevada work with staff to make a customized relapse prevention plan before they leave rehab. This is true for clients in any of our programs or care levels. Your relapse prevention plan will be unique to you and may include therapy, support groups, or something else.

While it can be tempting to stop counseling after treatment, ongoing individual counseling or group therapy can be advantageous after rehab if it is possible for a client. We can help you find therapy or counseling near Bullhead City, AZ.

Icarus Nevada can also help you find support groups for drug addiction in Bullhead City, make a plan to continue medication, discuss signs of relapse and how to address them or explore work and education opportunities.

Indoor Sober Activities in Bullhead City, AZ

Finding sober activities in Bullhead City, AZ, is one way to support your recovery once you are no longer in rehab or have moved to outpatient services near Bullhead. In conjunction with post-rehab care, finding enjoyment in life matters. Here are some indoor activities you and your family can enjoy in Bullhead.

There are extensive volunteer opportunities in the Bullhead City area for those who are interested. Volunteering is a great way to fill your time, gain experience, meet job references, feel fulfilled, and help other people.

Outdoor Sober Activities in Bullhead City, AZ

Laughlin River Tours

Outdoor activities are a great way to support your physical and mental health. Bullhead City, AZ, is full of parks, tours, golf clubs, and other outdoor activities. There are endless places to explore in Bullhead City and surrounding areas, including but not limited to the following.

You can also enjoy a stroll at Gary Keith Civic Center Park or Bullhead City Rotary Park. Our treatment centers are here to help you build a foundation for prolonged substance abuse recovery — and support you as you take the next steps.

Icarus Offers Treatment Options Convenient to Bullhead City, AZ

Contact our caring admissions staff today if you’re looking for rehab centers that service Bullhead City, AZ. Icarus Nevada is here to help Bullhead City residents overcome and heal from substance abuse with a range of options that work for locals.

To learn more about our treatment centers and all that we offer, call us today for a confidential consultation!

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FAQs About Drug Rehab Bullhead City Alternatives at Icarus Nevada

Where can I find NA meetings in Bullhead City, Arizona?

The official Narcotics Anonymous (NA) website can help you locate meetings in Bullhead City, AZ. Just click on “Find a Meeting” and type in your information.

Additionally, you can find local meetings for Arizona and Nevada at the Region 51 site, including the Midday Refresher meeting, held at 384 Marina Blvd, Bullhead City, AZ, 86442 (Alano Club).

Are there AA and SMART Recovery meetings near Bullhead City, AZ?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and SMART Recovery meetings are available throughout Arizona.

AA offers online and in-person meetings. Take the steps to find an AA meeting near Bullhead City, AZ, by going to the official AA website, clicking the “Find AA Near You” tab, and typing in your information.

Alternatively, you can find AA meetings in Bullhead City, AZ, at the Alano Club, located at 384 Mariana Blvd, Bullhead City, AZ, 86442.

SMART Recovery welcomes people overcoming all forms of addiction. You can find a SMART Recovery meeting near Bullhead City by going to the official SMART Recovery website and clicking “Find a SMART Meeting.” SMART Meetings are held online multiple times throughout the week.


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