Molina Healthcare Drug Rehab Programs

Get In-Network Molina Rehab Coverage at Icarus Nevada

If you need alcohol or drug addiction treatment, nothing should get in your way – especially the cost of getting help. With Molina Healthcare drug rehab coverage, you and your loved ones can rest easy.

Molina Health insurance makes it possible for millions of Americans to seek rehab for both mental health disorders and substance abuse issues, but in many cases, you are limited to the drug rehab centers and providers your insurance provider will actually cover. These options are known as the provider’s network, and seeing them will ensure you get maximum coverage.

If you have Molina Healthcare insurance, there is good news: you are in-network for Icarus Nevada, our high-quality addiction treatment center that provides comprehensive care for a wide range of mental health conditions. Not many upscale rehabs take Molina Healthcare in Nevada, but we are proud to.

At Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, NV, we can help you overcome a substance abuse condition and mental health issues that impact your daily life. Offering personalized treatment plans and using proven treatments to help you get and stay sober, there’s no better in-network rehab for Molina Healthcare insurance clients.

What Is Molina Healthcare?

What Is Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare provides health insurance to individuals and families, totaling over 5 million members in 19 states, including Nevada. Their plans are available through government-sponsored programs and their Molina Marketplace, focusing on serving low-income families and helping you maximize your savings.

What Plans Does Molina Healthcare Offer?

Molina Healthcare works with state healthcare programs in 15 states and provides marketplace plans for 4 additional states, including Nevada. Their plan types include:


Molina Healthcare is a Medicaid provider in Nevada. Medicaid is federal and state coverage that’s provided to people with limited income or resources. You have to fit Nevada’s Medicaid eligibility requirements in order to be eligible, which means you’ll have to make less than $20,030 per year AND have one of the following conditions be true:

  • You’re pregnant
  • You take care of a minor
  • You’re blind
  • You have a disability or care for someone with a disability in your home
  • You’re 65 or older

You only need to meet one of the listed conditions, but must also make under the maximum income level to be eligible, regardless of other eligibility conditions. For example, if you’re pregnant and have another child but make $50,000 per year, you aren’t eligible for Nevada Medicaid.

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Molina Healthcare also provides Medicare, which is a healthcare program for people over the age of 65 or those with chronic, long-term disabilities like ALS or End-Stage Renal Disease. It’s a federal program that provides the same care across state lines, which makes it easier to find providers who will take your insurance.

However, Medicare may not be accepted at private drug rehab centers as often as other programs because of the strict policies and low reimbursement rates they offer. Fortunately, Icarus in Nevada offers both licensed, evidence-based programs in an upscale setting, and accepts Molina Medicaid plans in-network.

Private Individual or Family Plans

Molina Healthcare specializes in coordinating with Medicare and Medicaid programs, but they also offer plans through their own Marketplace. These plans may come with a monthly premium and have more restrictions on levels of coverage, but are usually accepted in more locations within your region.

Private health insurance plans are also eligible for premium tax credits that lower your monthly costs to make care more affordable.

Does Molina Healthcare Cover Providers in Other States?

Molina Healthcare’s network spans multiple states, so it’s likely that you could find in-network coverage in other states. However, they also offer PPO plans that allow you to go anywhere.

Does Molina Healthcare Cover Rehab?

HMO vs PPO Plans

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all private health insurance policies, excluding some work plans, are required to provide mental and behavioral health coverage that applies to addiction recovery for any drug. So, Molina Healthcare covers drug and alcohol rehab.

However, the amount of coverage that you receive will depend on the type of plan you have.

HMO vs PPO Plans

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) types of plans are the two primary types of health insurance you can get. They both provide coverage for all essential health benefits, but come with their own pros and cons.

HMOs offer higher amounts of coverage for your in-network care and have lower premiums. They require you to attend a provider or treatment center that is in their network, or collection of medical professionals that accept negotiated rates, if you want help paying for care. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you won’t usually receive any level of coverage. For example, you may pay 10% of your bill at an in-network Molina Healthcare rehab, but 100% at an out-of-network rehab.

PPOs let you go to any provider, but usually come with a higher monthly premium. They still have a network that provides care at negotiated rates to help you save money, but if you want to visit a specific doctor outside of their network, you’ll still have some level of coverage. For example, you may pay 25% for in-network Molina Healthcare care as opposed to 50% for out-of-network care.

Is There A Limit to Molina’s Addiction Treatment Coverage?

Yes, there can be a limit to the level of substance abuse treatment coverage you receive from your health insurance plan. They may require additional authorization for extended periods of care or limit the number of days they’ll pay for inpatient treatment. However, because mental health and addiction treatment are essential health benefits, they must provide reasonable accommodations that often include at least one rehab stay per year.

What Kind of Care Programs Does Molina Healthcare Insurance Cover?

Medically Supervised Detox

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can involve one or more different types of programs to ensure you get all of the care you need to overcome your addiction and live drug-free. The right care program for you will depend on the severity of your dependence and the type of drug you’re using; and Molina Healthcare will often cover them all.

Medically Supervised Detox

A medical detox is the process of overcoming dependence on a drug while under medical supervision. You’ll receive medication-assisted treatment to help you deal with the withdrawals safely and as comfortably as possible, allowing you to start rehab without any dependence so you can focus on your recovery.

Medical detox is very frequently covered because of the health risks associated with unsupervised withdrawals from drugs like alcohol and opioids.

Residential Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment takes place at the drug rehab center you’re attending. You’ll eat, sleep, and receive treatment in the facility for the length of your treatment program, which can last from a few days to multiple months. During your stay, you’ll be supervised by medical professionals, seen by your care team, and get help with your addiction and any underlying conditions causing it.

Inpatient rehabilitation is the most intensive and costly treatment program, so your insurance provider may try to limit your inpatient stays. However, you’ll often have coverage for at least one program per year.

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Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) fall between inpatient and outpatient plans. You’ll travel to the treatment center for the day’s scheduled treatments as often as seven days per week, but you’ll return home at night.

PHPs are usually covered as a more cost-effective alternative to inpatient care.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment is similar to PHP, but instead of attending all-day treatments most days of the week, you’ll instead have fewer requirements. You may have to attend a minimum number of days or have a certain amount of treatment per week as part of your program. IOP is often used alongside work or school in cases where you can’t attend the facility all day, but still need intensive care, and IOP has a high insurance coverage rate.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are the least intensive form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Outpatient care often consists of weekly appointments with a therapist, psychiatrist, or group therapy meeting. In some cases, you’ll attend all three and more often than weekly, but you don’t have to follow strict requirements. Outpatient care usually comes with a copay as opposed to higher coinsurances, making it the most affordable treatment and usually covered by Molina Healthcare.

What Conditions Does Icarus Nevada Treat?

Mental Health Treatment

At Icarus Nevada, we treat all kinds of mental and behavioral health issues. We’re a state-of-the-art treatment facility that builds personalized treatment plans that address your needs and give you the tools you need to succeed in sobriety.

Here’s how we can help.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our substance abuse treatment programs help you overcome your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol with a medical detox before beginning a treatment program. You may attend inpatient or partial hospitalization programs for more serious addictions, but intensive outpatient and outpatient programs may also be used for addiction recovery.

We have programs for cocaine, heroin, Xanax, alcohol, and many other substances that are built to address those specific addictions and their impact.

Mental Health Treatment

Our mental health treatment services help you cope with conditions like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While you don’t often need a medical detox for mental health disorders, any kind of treatment program can be used.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Dual-diagnosis treatment takes a holistic approach to co-occurring disorders to determine the cause of either condition and address the resulting addiction or mental health condition.

You may receive mental health and substance abuse treatment simultaneously to ensure you have all the tools required to cope with urges and mental illnesses that drive you to substance use disorders.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Rehab With Molina Healthcare Insurance?

Rehab costs are one of the most important considerations when choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center. You don’t want to be left with a bill that causes stress immediately after leaving treatment, so insurance coverage is essential.

However, even with insurance plans, your costs will vary based on the rehab you choose, your insurance coverage, whether they’re in-network providers, and how long you undergo treatment. However, you can estimate your costs based on your plan information—or contact Icarus Nevada.

What to Look For In Your Molina Health Plan

Your coinsurance rate or copay, deductible, and out-of-pocket costs will determine your costs.

Before your insurance plan kicks in, you must spend at least your deductible on healthcare. Once it does, you’ll begin to pay the discounted rate dictated by your coinsurance rate or copay.

Coinsurance means you pay that percentage of the total bill, so 25% coinsurance on a $1,000 bill is $250. You’ll usually pay a coinsurance rate for your inpatient treatment.

Copays are flat fees you pay for certain appointments, which usually consist of primary care appointments, specialist visits, and other outpatient services.

Your maximum out-of-pocket is the most you’ll have to pay for healthcare in a year. Once you reach the maximum, all covered care becomes free. For example, if you have an $8,000 maximum, you can spend $250 on appointments, $7,000 on inpatient rehab, and $750 on prescriptions as part of your treatment and receive the remainder of your follow-up appointments free of charge.

How to Get A Cost Estimate For Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Cost Estimate For Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, we proudly accept Molina Healthcare insurance plans, including Medicaid and private health insurance, to ensure you can get cost-effective, comprehensive addiction treatment that positions you for success in your recovery.

Our substance abuse, mental health, and dual-diagnosis programs work to reach the root of your conditions and help you overcome any challenges associated with achieving sobriety.

Estimating costs using only your insurance plan can be difficult, so the best thing to do is get a quote from our treatment center admissions team. At Icarus Nevada, we’ll verify your Molina Healthcare insurance and give you an estimate for care so you know what to expect.

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Icarus Nevada: Your In-Network Molina Healthcare Drug Rehab in Las Vegas

Whether you have a government-funded or private health insurance policy with Molina Healthcare, you likely have coverage for behavioral health and mental health treatments like drug rehab. Coverage gives you the chance to get help and take back control of your health without paying full price, as long as you’re in-network or have a PPO plan.

We offer proven inpatient, outpatient, IOP, and PHP treatments for complete care in a calm, clean, and healthy environment that lets you focus on yourself and your recovery.

Whether you’re from Las Vegas, Phoenix, or one of the other states Molina Healthcare insurance covers, Icarus Nevada is your premier substance abuse drug rehab. Reach out to a care coordinator today to learn more and check your insurance coverage with us now!