Substance Abuse Evaluation Las Vegas

Substance Abuse Evaluation Las Vegas at Icarus

Getting an Assessment for Alcohol and Drug Use in Clark County

Las Vegas is known as Sin City and, as we all know thanks to the iconic tagline: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, though, Las Vegas, NV can be a difficult place to navigate without support. For those in need of substance abuse evaluation Las Vegas services, Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada can help.

Whether you need our free substance abuse assessments and mental health disorder evaluation to help determine the best path forward for treatment, or as an assessment of a loved one’s needs, our team is ready and waiting.

Whether you’ve been court-ordered or are coming in on your own, our team at Icarus serves all of Clark County and the surrounding areas. This includes Boulder City, Mesquite, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

We work with insurance companies to make substance abuse treatment more affordable and our evidence-based approach to addiction assessment has helped countless clients get their lives back on track. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into assessments for alcohol and substance abuse, and reach out by phone any time for direct assistance!

What to Expect During a Substance Abuse Evaluation in Las Vegas

Drug and Alcohol Assessment

At the beginning of a drug and alcohol assessment, you may be asked questions about the frequency and type of substances that you’ve used in the past, your family history, and your medical history including possible co-occurring disorders.

Then, our clinician will ask questions directly related to current drug abuse and/or alcohol use. Please remember that honesty is what will get you the right forms of help when undergoing this process.

After you’ve answered a series of questions, we’ll use the information to determine whether substance use negatively impacts your life. These types of evaluations can also be used to identify individuals who are at risk for substance abuse problems, even if it seems substance addiction isn’t a problem in their lives yet.

From there, a course of treatment may be recommended. Often, this treatment will be close to home, whether you live in Las Vegas NV, Carson City, Nevada, or some other state. As an out-of-state-drug rehab program option, Icarus is close to many locations in Utah, Arizona, and California. It is also a short flight from many states to Harry Reid Airport, which is less than twenty minutes from our facility.

At Icarus in Nevada, we welcome clients across the country and are honored to answer any questions you may have about our facility at any time, so please reach out by phone if we’ve left your concerns unanswered in this blog.

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What to Expect During Court-Ordered Evaluations in Las Vegas, NV

In most cases, a Las Vegas, NV court orders drug and alcohol evaluations when a person is under the influence during a crime. This might include a DUI, domestic violence, harm to yourself or someone else, public intoxication, manufacturing or selling drugs, possession of alcohol under the legal drinking age, or possession of drugs or paraphernalia.

It’s not uncommon for a court to issue a drug test and order an evaluation. Courts use the information provided from the evaluation to recommend services or resources. Often, this is part of a plan of recovery that must be completed to avoid jail time or other serious consequences.

A List of Example Questions for Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Sample Questions for Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Numerous alcohol and drug assessments might be used to determine the extent of a client’s substance use. While the questions of these evaluations might vary, they all serve the basic premise of a mental health assessment helping determine how serious substance use is.

At Icarus Nevada, we understand that every client is an individual and our assessments and treatment plan reflect that.

  • How often and what types of drug/alcohol do you use? How do you administer them?
  • Do you use drugs or drink alcohol by yourself?
  • Have you ever needed to increase the amount of drug or alcohol you are taking to get the same effect?
  • Has substance use affected your ability to sleep or eat?
  • Has a family member or friend stated they are concerned about substance use?
  • Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms when not using?
  • Do you tend to use or drink more than you intended when you are under pressure, depressed, angry, or otherwise stressed?
  • Have you ever tried to quit using substances and then failed?
  • Do you seem less interested in activities or motivated when drinking or using rugs?
  • Has drinking or drug use caused problems at work, legally, financially, or with a loved one?
  • Do you feel like you have to hide your usage from a loved one or other people around you?
  • Do you fear that other people will find out about how often you are using alcohol or drugs?

In addition to these questions, you may also be asked about your family history of drug and alcohol use, your medical history including physical and mental health, and other related questions such as any past experiences with medication assisted treatment (also known as MAT).

Any questions you are asked during drug and alcohol evaluations will be used to recommend a course of treatment. Again, they are not meant to get you in trouble (and don’t go on any form of permanent record) so it’s important to be honest!

Who Performs Drug and Alcohol Assessments?

In Las Vegas, Nevada, drug and alcohol evaluations may be performed by a substance abuse specialist, medical provider, or someone appointed by the court. When working with an addiction treatment center like Icarus in Nevada, your evaluation will be confidential.

You should never be embarrassed about seeking help, and you can rest assured that your screening will remain confidential under Nevada health privacy laws.

How Do I Know If I Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

Substance Abuse Problem

It’s not uncommon for a person to wonder if they have a drug or alcohol addiction. After all, some people can recreationally drink or even use certain drugs without ever getting addicted. An assessment is a good way to look at your substance use from a critical point of view before deciding if you should attend a treatment program.

Even if you don’t have a substance use problem, addiction assessments can identify risk factors. These risk factors contribute to addiction and this means that drinking or drug use might leave you on the slippery slope to addiction in the future. Phone our Nevada facility to set up an assessment and get your questions answered today!

There are also assessments that you can take online. While these are not always as accurate as a confidential assessment from Nevada medical staff or other professionals, they can be a useful tool before you seek assistance.

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How Much Does a Substance Abuse Assessment Cost?

The cost of assessments for drug or alcohol use, as well as mental health disorders, is going to depend on factors like who your insurance carrier is and where you are having the assessment done. Some places offer assessments and services at no cost to you if your insurance covers it.

When your Nevada drug and alcohol assessment is court-ordered, the average cost is around $100-150. This can vary depending on the Nevada facility providing the assessment, though. Our informal assessments are at no cost, though a more formal assessment may require an in-person visit with rates that depend on your insurance plan type.

If you aren’t sure about your insurance coverage, contact our team at Icarus today. Not only can we help you verify your insurance, but we’ll be able to talk about a treatment program that works with your coverage and helps you get the support you need today.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment for Substance Abuse in Las Vegas, NV?

Substance abuse (or a substance use disorder) is a serious condition and many insurance companies do provide coverage for treatment. In addition to an intake assessment, a comprehensive treatment program might include inpatient rehab, treatment at a sober living residence or halfway house, intensive outpatient therapy, or other outpatient programs.

In many cases, insurance will cover the costs of such programs, and at Icarus Nevada, we are now in-network with Silver Summit and accept many Nevada Medicaid types for rehab, as well as being in-network with Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Cigna, Molina, TRICARE, TriWest, and others.

A confidential call to our caring admissions team can easily help you verify insurance coverage so you can get help. Contact our treatment center to start healing today!

What Happens After Drug and Alcohol Assessments in Las Vegas?

Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Following a Nevada drug and alcohol assessment, a course of treatment and addiction-related services will be recommended. For some people, this might look like inpatient detox or finding a place at a sober living home near Nevada.

For clients who are court-ordered to have an assessment, the provider often makes a recommendation to the Nevada judge regarding substance use. From here, the judge will decide on punishment for legal troubles, which often includes attending treatment programs for addiction support. You often have to fulfill these requirements following your Nevada evaluation to avoid worse consequences.

Considering Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Some facilities offer drug and alcohol rehab at no cost to you, depending on insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Inpatient treatment for addiction may be recommended for individuals with substance abuse disorder or who have a high chance of relapse. Your chance of relapse will be determined during your evaluation.

Following this, our comprehensive inpatient treatment provides education and support for long-lasting recovery. Some patients also may need to work with medical staff to manage withdrawal symptoms. Phone us to learn more about your options for recovery in Nevada today!

Sober Living Homes and Transitional Housing

In addition to starting recovery at a treatment center, some people attend a program at sober living homes or in transitional housing. These environments in Las Vegas, NV provide somewhere free of access to substances, which can be particularly helpful in the early steps of addiction recovery when the desire to use is still high.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy vs Partial Hospitalization Programs

Our staff at Icarus realizes the recovery process looks different for everyone. This is why we offer so many different types of resources and support. When a patient attends intensive outpatient programs for their substance use disorders or abuse disorder, they often stay at our facility during the day while attending groups and other services then go home at night.

Our partial hospitalization programs are a little less intensive and usually last 2-5 hours per day.

Outpatient Programs

At Icarus, we also provide our clients with support and services tailored to their addiction and journey following their addiction assessment near me. Recovery services might include individual or family therapy, attending addiction meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada, or other care and education.

We use evidence-based treatment and all the latest research to promote a successful and lasting recovery outcome for our clients.

Mental Health Support is Essential to the Icarus Approach

Mental Health Support

Mental health support is critical for recovery in Las Vegas, NV. Mental health professional services may be recommended following an assessment for individuals with co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety, whether through referral to a local mental health clinic or with us at Icarus Nevada should be situation be called for.

Furthermore, mental health treatment services in Nevada may be recommended for individuals with untreated trauma that contributes to addiction. Treating this trauma is critical for the recovery process.

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Reach Out for Recovery with Icarus in Nevada Today

Take a moment to reflect on the ways that drugs or alcohol have impacted your life. Chances are, it has affected areas of your life including decision-making, employment, relationships, and health in some way. Stop letting it affect you and pick up the phone today!

The reality is that not everyone can recreationally use alcohol or drugs without it negatively impacting their lives. Start taking action toward getting answers and help by giving us a call at Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada today.

We can help you verify health insurance and set up an intake for drug or alcohol evaluation, all completely confidentially. From there, let our team use our evidence-based approach to develop an addiction treatment plan that will let you take back control of your life.

Call us today to find out how a free drug and alcohol assessment ‘near me’ at Icarus Nevada can get you started on the path to recovery with us in Las Vegas!

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