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Get Expert Help for Problem Drinking at Icarus in Nevada

When looking for drug or alcohol rehab support, you may already know that Ely offers somewhat limited options. If you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab Ely programs, whether for yourself or someone you love, you are making a powerful move toward health and recovery.

It’s a breakthrough simply to be seeking support to overcome addiction, and we are here to help make sure you get the help needed to succeed!

You would not try to beat any other serious illness without getting professional help. Likewise, drug and alcohol addiction requires the help of expert drug rehab centers like ours.

Whether you or your loved one struggles with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or both, Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas supports effective and lasting recovery efforts. Going beyond addiction treatment, we also treat co-occurring disorders. These can include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, depression, and others.

Read our resource in its entirety for all the reasons why looking past treatment centers in Ely, NV, can be crucial, and find details on making the four-hour trip to Las Vegas to get a fresh start at Icarus Nevada!

3 Reasons Why Treatment Centers in Ely, Nevada, Might Not Be Your First Choice

Ely City in Nevada

You realize that you (or someone you care about) need a treatment program. But rehab centers in Ely, Nevada, do not appeal to you. Rest assured that you are not our team’s first client to express that hesitancy. Here are three excellent reasons that some clients share about looking for treatment options away from home.

  1. Addiction Treatment Centers in Ely Offer Less Privacy When Recovering from Alcoholism: Some clients have mentioned that there are few therapists near Ely, which puts their privacy at risk. Ely is a great place! However, its small population means that most people know each other. Clients may feel less focused on the recovery process when they have concerns about the stigma and privacy issues. It follows that many people feel they will get the highest-quality care away from Ely.
  2. Substance Abuse Treatment Away From Home Can Be Safer: Ely drug and alcohol addiction centers put a safe distance between clients and their enablers. Those can include well-intended family or friends. Or that can mean a drug dealer who sells you whatever your substance of choice may be in Ely. Some have told us that they doubted their strength in the earliest days of treatment, and getting away from enablers in Ely (or another nearby town) was the only way they were able to do it.
  3. Alcohol or Drug Treatment Centers in Ely, Nevada, May Not Meet Specific Needs: Some who struggle need specialized care that they can’t find at a rehab in Ely. For instance, you could find a rehab near Ely that offers psychotherapy for addiction but not medication-assisted treatment that you might need. So your search area widens, and you find a program that better aligns with the medical services you need—at addiction centers like Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas!

As you search for addiction centers, remember that no two rehabs are alike. We promise you that the service you will receive when you come to the Icarus Las Vegas center is evidence-based, trauma-informed, and dedicated to lasting recovery success for our clients.

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What to Expect from Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Suppose this is your first time at an alcohol rehab facility or the first time you have heard of our programs. In that case, you are probably curious about what to expect at Icarus Behavioral Health Center in Nevada.

Here is a quick overview of some key points about our inpatient or residential setting:

Our Alternative to Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ely Services: Get Evidence Based Treatment at Icarus Nevada

Addiction Treatment Process at Icarus Nevada

Before you come to Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, you will have a quick discussion about your addiction with our Las Vegas admissions team. Our team will discuss your insurance and even call them or complete forms on behalf of you or your dependent. We are in-network with many top insurance companies, including Aetna, Cigna, and TRICARE (among many others!). If you have questions at any time as you embark on this journey to restored wellness, call us.

Our staff is always happy to help, and – it’s always confidential.

When you arrive at our luxe treatment center, you will receive a quick wellness check with one of our team members. They’ll ask questions to determine your needs as you start the first step of rehabilitation: medically supervised detox. Completing detox services in a skilled inpatient environment can mean the difference between life and death, especially with alcohol detox. Our skilled team will monitor you during detox. If you need medication to manage any uncomfortable detox symptoms, our team will administer them.

After detoxing safely, you will get more actively involved in counseling and therapy – both individually and in groups. You will learn new coping skills so that you can replace alcohol abuse with new, healthy habits. Our goal for you is always long-term recovery.

We will treat you with respect and understanding during your stay at our inpatient treatment center. You’ll also find the amenities very comfortable—in true Las Vegas style!

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After Leaving Our Las Vegas Recovery Center: Going Home to Ely, NV

All reputable alcohol and drug addiction centers know that your struggles don’t disappear when you leave rehab. Alcohol or drugs were part of your lifestyle in Ely, so returning home is a key moment for continued recovery. We assist you by helping you formulate an aftercare plan to follow when you leave our facility and go home to Ely.

You must find safe, healthy activities to replace old friends and habits. Depending on the level of need, we can help locate a local outpatient rehabilitation center. Additionally, we can help with replacing therapy in the inpatient setting through referrals to ongoing support and with suggestions for new and healthy ways to pass your time near Ely.

Fortunately, there’s much to do around the Ely community. You can enjoy hiking in Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park. You might enjoy leisurely driving the scenic Success Loop. If you prefer the great indoors instead, check out the local museums.

The White Pine Public Museum is just one option, along with several others in Ely and nearby McGill devoted to the railroad industry and its impact on the region and the United States as a whole.

Finding Local Addiction Support Groups in Ely

Addiction Support Groups in Ely

We also urge you to find a local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) group in Ely. These 12-step Groups are key for your long-term recovery. You will meet a group of others from the Ely, NV, area who have also struggled with addictions.

Alternatively, if the Anonymous meetings are not to your liking, or you want a more secular complement, the presence of local SMART Recovery meetings in Ely is blooming lately.

Every person you meet in closed groups will share valuable life experiences with you. On the other hand, open sessions could include a loved one of someone who has struggled with substance abuse that can also inform your recovery. All these peer support services are free, but they are grateful for donations.

Click this link to find AA Meetings in Ely, NV. NA Meetings are scarcer across Nevada, but you can find several Las Vegas-based virtual NA meetings by clicking here.

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Our Proven Addiction Center Programs Are Here to Help

If you are ready to leave Ely for our upscale treatment center in Las Vegas, we are here and ready to help you. You started seeking addiction centers because you know deep down inside that it is time for a new, improved life, whether for you or a loved one. The search for the best locally convenient inpatient rehab is over – you’ve found Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada.

From the moment you enter our center for detox to the time you return to Ely, NV, you are heading toward success. Contact our Las Vegas center now – you can travel from Ely and begin getting support as soon as today!