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Our Program for Residential Treatment in Las Vegas

Residential treatment is widely considered one of the most impactful forms of drug and alcohol rehab one can participate in. And if there’s one thing that rings true regarding substance abuse and addiction treatment, it’s that it pays to opt immediately for the most well-reviewed form of therapy, regardless of the inconveniences it might present.

When you’re presented with the option of addiction treatment for mental health and substance abuse, especially during an intervention situation, you’ll probably be offered admission into drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Addiction treatment centers normally offer programs that are 30, 60, 90, and in extreme cases, 120 days.

Nobody wants to spend 30 days away from home. You’ll probably tell yourself that an outpatient Las Vegas rehab center is better suited for you. In some cases, it could be true. However, given the opportunity to maximize the impact of rehab, it’s probably in your best interest to participate in substance abuse treatment to the fullest extent possible.

Luckily, this is where our inpatient rehab Las Vegas programs at Icarus Nevada truly shine!

If you’ve been apprehensive about attending substance abuse treatment, or nervous about the process at all, this article gives you some unique insight into the history of inpatient substance abuse treatment in Las Vegas, how the substance abuse rehab strategy has changed, and what to expect when you enroll as a new client at Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, NV.

A History of Residential Treatment In Las Vegas, NV

Residential Treatment

Just during the last half-decade, addiction medicine has made leaps and bounds with regard to strategies deployed at drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities. Personalized treatment plans are crafted to the unique needs of each client and include evidence-based treatment, co-occurring disorders, and others. Let’s take a look at just how far residential treatment in Las Vegas has come since the early days.

The history of inpatient rehab in Las Vegas is closely intertwined with the city’s overall growth and development. Like many other places in the United States, Las Vegas faced challenges related to substance abuse as it grew rapidly in the mid-20th century. In response to these issues, the need for specialized facilities to treat substance abuse and addiction became evident.

Early inpatient rehab facilities in Las Vegas were established to address the increasing prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction in the region. These facilities emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, a period when Las Vegas was experiencing a boom in tourism and entertainment. As the city’s reputation for nightlife and excess grew, so did the problems associated with substance abuse.

The Advent of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

The first inpatient rehab facilities were relatively modest and often operated by private organizations or religious groups. They offered a structured, residential treatment approach, providing individuals with a supportive environment away from the temptations and triggers of the outside world. These facilities typically housed patients in shared living quarters and implemented counseling, in addition to certain outdated methods of therapy that were once considered effective.

During this early period, the understanding of addiction and its treatment was still developing. Many of the original treatments for substance abuse relied on behavioral therapy and counseling. Group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and support group meetings played a crucial role in helping individuals confront their addictions and build a foundation for recovery.

In past years, if you were looking for ‘inpatient treatment for alcoholism near me,’ or ‘inpatient alcohol rehab near me,’ or even an ‘inpatient program near me,’ the results could vary widely in Las Vegas, but with our alcohol and substance use disorder treatment options, Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is quickly gaining attention and prominence for its effective options for residents across Clark County.

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Making Great Strides In Addiction Treatment for Las Vegas, NV

One of the significant milestones in the development of inpatient rehab facilities in Las Vegas came with the recognition of alcoholism and addiction as medical conditions. This shift in perspective allowed for more medical and scientific approaches to treatment. With advancements in medicine and psychology, medical professionals started incorporating evidence-based practices into their treatment plans.

The introduction of 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), also had a massive impact on mental health and treatment programs as a whole. These forms of alcohol rehabs emphasized peer support and spiritual growth as essential components of recovery. Inpatient rehab facilities began incorporating these programs into their treatment models, recognizing the benefits of mutual aid and shared experiences.

Outpatient facilities recommended clients attend 12-Steps outside of normal treatment programs, as many made it mandatory. Despite the helpful approach of many addiction treatment services and their affiliation with AA and NA, Icarus in Nevada also offers SMART Recovery-based support options, and is committed to providing clients with peer support groups aligned to their needs and interests.

Our Programs for Effective Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Dual Diagnosis treatment

Despite the fact that the early years of inpatient rehab for mental health and substance abuse in Las Vegas were better than the alternative, the relapse rate was still quite high. This can largely be attributed to the lack of treatment centers that address both mental health disorders and drug abuse.

After periods of trial and error, eventually, rehab in Las Vegas improved, especially after the medical detox methods and evidence-based therapies were refined and became more impactful.

Over the years, inpatient rehab facilities in Las Vegas continued to evolve, adopting more comprehensive and personalized approaches to treatment. They began addressing dual diagnosis cases, where clients struggled with both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Advancements in medical research led to the development of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction, which became a crucial element of rehab programs for individuals dealing with opioid use disorders.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada: A Picture of Modern Treatment Centers

Inpatient rehab in Las Vegas infographic from Icarus Nevada

At our inpatient rehab, we understand that addiction is not just a physical ailment, but a deeply human struggle that requires empathetic care. We deploy medical detox to all clients that require it – depending on the outcome of your personalized assessment and your needs for withdrawal management.

Using evidence-based approaches backed by studies from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as well as the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a difference-maker, and forms a core of the Icarus ethos.

However, this is only the beginning of your journey, as the primary goal of inpatient treatment is to replace the mind’s negative responses with more primary and healthy actions. Drug use is a way to combat the symptoms of many mental health conditions, and many addicts engage in drug use as a response to a particular way they feel.

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Treating the Roots of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

By the end of your stay at our residential treatment center, our goal is to give you the knowledge to identify several items:

  • What lies at the center of your addiction
  • What caused this disorder (trauma-based, etc.)
  • What are your triggers and how do you act these triggers out
  • How do we identify when we’re being triggered
  • Replace your negative response to triggers with more productive actions

Our team of experienced professionals is not just highly skilled; they are passionate about helping individuals reclaim their lives. Every member of our staff is committed to nurturing an atmosphere of warmth and understanding, fostering genuine connections with our clients. We are not just caretakers; we are companions on your road to recovery.

From your initial assessment until the day you graduate, you’ll spend time fostering new relationships – some that may last a lifetime – with people who are just as compassionate about your success as you are. In turn, we hope that you’ll return the same energy, forming new support structures that last far beyond the walls of our facility.

So, what should you expect during your first few hours and days at Icarus in Nevada?

Shaping Your Foundation to Recovery with a Tailored Treatment Plan

Tailored Treatment Plan

No two journeys through addiction are alike, which is why an umbrella strategy for combatting drug addiction is an outdated model and hardly ever works. Think about your journey so far. Do you think anyone else’s road to active addiction looked quite like yours? No. There may be certain elements that are identical. You might hear things like, “My heroin or fentanyl addiction began with pills,” or “My crystal meth addiction began with a prescription stimulant.” In fact, you’re likely going to hear these quite a bit.

And while on the surface the journey may seem the same, it’s what’s going on at the center that addicts externalize that makes your situation so unique. It’s impossible to use the same plan for recovery when the motivations to use are completely opposite in opposing clients.

Upon arrival, every client undergoes a thorough assessment to create a customized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and circumstances. Based on these results, we deploy a powerful regimen of evidence-based, holistic, and medication-assisted treatment options throughout your stay.

What Is Holistic Healing?

In the city of extravagance, we stand as an oasis of holistic healing and treatment programs. We might be located in the city of Sin, but our multi-faceted approach to recovery is rooted in the good vibes of holistic treatment. Despite what you might believe, holistic healing has little to do with organic or supernatural practices. The term is used to describe an approach to the “whole” client – which essentially, is what the term “holistic” means.

It’s another way of saying we take a meticulous and comprehensive path to your recovery, ensuring your mind, body, and spirit all equally get a chance to heal. Our location and facility are designed to provide a peaceful, rejuvenating environment that encourages reflection and growth.

With the majestic desert as our backdrop, we facilitate various outdoor activities that reconnect you with nature, helping to cleanse your soul and promote self-discovery. This puts that ever-so-important journey of “finding yourself” at front and center – one of the most concerning issues of recovery.

The Latest and Most Impactful Therapies In Las Vegas, NV

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Innovation and immersion are common themes at Icarus Nevada. In addition to accepting a wide variety of insurance options, we constantly strive to offer the latest advancements in addiction treatment to ensure our clients receive the best care possible. From neurofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy to mindfulness practices and art therapy, our diverse range of therapies is designed to awaken the dormant potential and the person you loved before your addiction took over.

Embracing cutting-edge technology as a means of addiction medicine, we pave the way for lasting recovery and emotional breakthroughs – one of the most powerful moments at any rehab. It is also the reason our chronic relapse treatment track is so successful, as our commitment to continuous improvement give clients opportunities and therapies not found at most other treatment centers in Nevada or nationwide.

Beyond the Walls of Las Vegas, NV Inpatient Treatment

Leaving our facility doesn’t mark the end of your journey with us. We understand that transitioning back to daily life can be daunting, so we offer comprehensive aftercare programs to ensure your continued success. Our alumni community is a testament to the bonds forged during your time at our rehab center, a network of support that will always be there for you, no matter the distance.

Icarus also offers extended inpatient rehab options, for those with histories of chronic relapse, or longstanding substance use disorders that require additional structure and support to treat effectively.

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At Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, we love recognizing new success stories daily from our list of past clients. It’s a testament to our hard work and one of the primary benchmarks of our success. We can’t wait to add you to our list of successful clients – and the best part is – you can start that journey today.

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