United Healthcare Drug Rehab

United Healthcare Insurance for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction and mental illness treatment is a multifaceted and often expensive endeavor. But most drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities like United Healthcare accept major medical insurance plans.

United Healthcare (UHC) Group is an insurance provider that serves over 45 million people globally. Its robust network has over 6,500 hospitals and 1.2 million doctors in the U.S.

UHC offers most policyholders coverage for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Insurance plans are notoriously murky, so knowing which therapies are covered and how much you’d have to pay out of pocket is challenging.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, we accept major insurance providers, including UHC. Keep reading to find out more about United Healthcare drug rehab.

UHC Group Coverage for Addiction Treatment

UHC Group Coverage for Addiction Treatment

United Health Group, or United Healthcare or UHC, is an American healthcare conglomerate with two divisions, United Healthcare, and Optum. The company offers medical insurance in all 50 American states and 130 countries. While United Healthcare is an industry leader in healthcare coverage and benefits, Optum focuses on health information and technology.

United Healthcare insurance covers inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab. However, the extent of coverage varies widely according to factors such as the client’s place of residence, whether or not the rehabilitation center is part of the patient’s insurance network, the patient’s length of stay, and the patient’s insurance plan’s deductible.

UHC and other private health insurers provide drug abuse treatment services as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA requires insurers to offer coverage for mental health treatments, which includes drug rehab. Your United Healthcare Group insurance may partially or entirely cover your drug rehab costs.

Your financial burden at rehabs covered by United Healthcare usually depends on various factors like:

  • The total cost of treatment
  • Whether you visit an in-network or out-of-network facility
  • The length of time you plan to spend in treatment
  • Your geographic location

The cost of alcohol and drug addiction treatment can vary widely between different individuals and centers.

Up to 100% of Treatment Costs Covered with UHC

Types of United Healthcare Plans

United Healthcare offers various insurance plans through multiple states and institutions. But most group insurance programs fall into the following classes:

  • United Healthcare Choice Plans: Coverage is limited to those within the UHC network with United Healthcare Choice.
  • United Healthcare Choice Plus: This open-access plan allows you to see doctors and hospitals outside the plan’s network if necessary but at a higher out-of-pocket cost.
  • United Healthcare PPO: This plan allows you to choose any doctor or hospital in the network. You will need preauthorization and then claim submission if you go to a doctor, not in your insurance network. The client’s bill shares increases when receiving treatment outside the insurance provider’s network.

It is essential to note that all categories offer services for mental health and SUD. United Healthcare PPO plans will pay for services rendered by non-network providers.

The coverage level for SUD treatment through United Healthcare’s health insurance policies varies per plan. UHC often covers the following:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Residential care
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Outpatient treatment

Coverage Levels Under United Healthcare Insurance

Affordable Care Act

The extensive healthcare options provided by United Healthcare include:

Group Benefit Plans

Group plans are health insurance plans offered by your employer.

Open Access Plans

Open access plans don’t allow you to see a doctor outside of the company’s network, although other types of programs do. Fixed copayments, minimal out-of-pocket expenditures for care inside the UHC network, and supplemental insurance benefits are all features of open-access plans.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO plans to pay for care from doctors and hospitals outside the PPO network but at a higher cost to the patient.

ACA Health Insurance Programs

ACA health insurance plans include:

Family and Individual Plans

Supplemental insurance policies, such as those for individuals and families, are designed to fill in coverage gaps or supplement primary policies, like those offered through an employer or the Affordable Care Act.

United Healthcare offers different coverage options, from temporary medical plans to bundled insurance packages.

Government Programs

Government programs include:

  • Medicare plans for those over the age of 65
  • Medicaid plans for Americans with modest incomes

When you decide to get medical care, your insurance company will likely need you to pay an annual deductible before they start paying for services. After your insurance deductible has been met, you’ll probably have to pay a copayment if you receive care outside the hospital.

Most policies incorporate some form of coinsurance, where the policyholder pays for a percentage of the medical services. If your coinsurance is 30%, you’ll be responsible for paying that amount out of pocket, while UHC will pay the remaining 70%.

Another crucial part of your United Healthcare insurance plan is your out-of-pocket maximum, whether strictly for services at rehabs that accept United Healthcare or overall, this can be an important number to be aware of. This is the annual maximum out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare.

United Healthcare Drug Rehab Services

United Healthcare Drug Rehab Services

Drug or alcohol addiction is a complex and chronic disease that requires a comprehensive treatment plan for successful recovery. Rehab centers offer a wide range of addiction treatment options to match your unique needs.

The best strategy for you depends on the severity of your SUD. Below are some of the most common therapy approaches for addiction treatment at rehabs accepting UnitedHealthcare plans:

Medical Detox

Detoxing from drugs like alcohol and opioids can be extremely dangerous when you attempt to detox alone. Medical supervision during detoxification from alcohol or narcotics is essential for client safety. The medical professionals at Icarus may prescribe addiction medications, like Methadone, to help you cope with the discomfort of withdrawal.

Inpatient Rehabilitation or Residential Treatment

Living at the rehab facility where you receive drug treatment is called “inpatient” or “residential” rehabilitation. Inpatient treatment often lasts between 15 and 90 days. However, there may be significant variation from one program or patient to the next.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

People enrolling in partial hospitalization programs can receive daytime medical care without having to live in the rehab center. This is the most convenient option for those who want to continue working or attending school while receiving therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intense outpatient drug rehab programs entail attending therapy sessions a few times a week instead of 24/7. Participating in an intense outpatient program does not require you to give up your house or alter your daily habits.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Many patients who complete inpatient care transition into outpatient settings to continue healing. Most outpatient programs entail 10 to 12 hours of therapy weekly, with UnitedHealthcare coverage varying depending on plan type.

What if Universal Health Care Doesn’t Pay for All Your Rehabilitation Costs?

What if Universal Health Care Doesn't Pay for All Your Rehabilitation Costs

Don’t give up hope if your health insurance doesn’t cover drug treatment. Paying for the care you need doesn’t have to be out of reach because Icarus offers flexible payment options. Government programs may also provide support to people in addiction recovery. Most rehabs covered by Optum as well as by UHC itself will work with you to find acceptable methods of payment and insurance coverage.

Although there may not seem to be a way to afford addiction treatment initially, help is available. You can choose a treatment facility that works with patients financially by providing a sliding scale or other accommodating payment plans. Also, scholarships are available from some treatment centers. If neither works, you can always borrow money from loved ones.

If you need help understanding your level of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab, call one of our admissions navigators at Icarus Nevada any time of day or night. They can help you plan your steps and guide your research to find a suitable drug treatment center.

UHC Drug Rehab at Icarus

The negative repercussions of drug abuse on one’s health, career, and personal relationships are devastating. Since our rehab centers accept United Healthcare for SUD treatment, people from all walks of life can access substance abuse treatment, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Our addiction treatment center offers many evidence-based treatment options to match your needs. We create personalized treatment plans since we understand that no two individuals differ.

Enter drug rehab at Icarus Behavioral Health to get your life back on track after struggling with substance abuse. We accept United Healthcare Insurance and other insurance providers. Our friendly and compassionate staff will be there to help you throughout your time in rehab.

If you or someone you love is battling substance abuse or mental health difficulties, please contact us immediately to verify insurance.

Most Forms of UHC Coverage Are Accepted – Call Now!

United Healthcare Insurance Drug Rehab FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about UHC drug rehab:

Will United Healthcare Cover Long-Term Rehab?

Relapse prevention is a primary focus goal for substance abuse treatment plans. How long you are willing to undergo rehabilitation is a significant factor in determining rehab success rates. The longer a client stays connected to a treatment center, the better their chances of recovery. However, the specific amount of time varies based on the drug used and the client’s history of substance abuse.

The National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA) suggests a minimum of 90 days in treatment. UHC has a wide variety of plans, levels of coverage, and deductibles. You should check your policy’s United Healthcare’s behavioral health and addiction treatment services plan duration, as details can differ significantly from one insurer to the other.

Does UHC Cover Medical Detox Services?

Detoxification is often required as a first step in treatment for those struggling with substance abuse. Detoxing at a residential treatment center under the watchful eye of medical professionals is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Your detoxification stays, whether inpatient or outpatient, may be paid in full or in part by your health insurance.

We understand that detox and rehabilitation are challenging times for you. Not worrying about insurance is unnecessary. We will coordinate with your insurance provider at Icarus to help you find a way to pay for the Nevada rehab and detox services.

Do United Healthcare Health Insurance Plans Cover Behavioral and Mental Health Care?

Without addressing the underlying mental health issues, treatment for substance misuse is unlikely to be successful. Nearly half of those who struggle with substance abuse also deal with mental problems. Dual diagnosis is when a substance use disorder and another mental health diagnosis are made simultaneously.

Over 9.5 million Americans have problems with substance addiction or mental health, per the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Substance abuse is more common among the mentally ill than the general population. Those with severe mental illness were more likely to be heavy drinkers, regular marijuana users, and users of other substances, according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction.

NAMI promotes a more all-encompassing approach to mental health care. So you should seek a treatment facility, such as Icarus Behavioral Health, that is equipped to handle individuals with dual diagnoses.

How Safe Is My Information when Verifying Health Insurance Coverage?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guarantees the privacy of your information whether you choose to call us or fill out our insurance verification form.

We’ll take care of the hassle of confirming your insurance coverage, so you don’t have to. We’ve been around for a while, and we have relationships with many of the major insurance companies so that you can trust us with your addiction treatment needs.

If you give us your name, contact information, and insurance carrier, we can inquire on your behalf as to whether or not you are insured for treatment at our facilities, how long your stay will be paid for, and other pertinent information.

One of our caring admissions navigators will contact you once you submit the form to confirm your information, address any concerns, and begin organizing your treatment.