Our Methods of Treatment

Our facilities for addiction treatment in Nevada provide evidence-based behavioral health services for Las Vegas rehab needs as well as statewide. Icarus offers solutions for those seeking recovery from mental health and substance use disorders of all kinds.

Icarus Behavioral Health also provides a premier destination for eating disorder treatment in Las Vegas and throughout the state. No matter the recovery program you choose, we are here for you and your loved ones on the path to healing.

Our Facilities

A top choice for rehabs in New Mexico, as shown by the reception area for Icarus Behavioral Health

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Residential treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health – Nevada, offers our most comprehensive level of care. Unlike other rehabs in Nevada, Icarus employs evidence-based therapies in every facet of our approach; and a personalized treatment plan will be based on your unique background.

Whether you are suffering from mental health disorders or addiction, or require dual diagnosis treatment, the clinical staff at our facilities are among the most compassionate and expert of all drug and alcohol treatment centers in Nevada.

From the second you step through our doors, Icarus Behavioral Health will help you past withdrawal symptoms and craft your customized path to recovery, with an attention to detail that surpasses that of other Nevada rehab facilities. It’s the Icarus difference, and our promise to you and your loved ones.

Step through our doors and onto the road to recovery!

Outpatient Treatment Services

From our acclaimed Reno rehab and treatment center, featuring Intensive Outpatient Services to our full array of Outpatient Programs, the approach towards outpatient services at Icarus Behavioral Health provides the right level of treatment for each client. Whether in need of Medication Assisted Treatment and group therapy, or individual counseling, our substance abuse treatment services in Nevada will meet your needs.

Reach out to our dedicated, compassionate Admission staff now and let us help craft the right treatment for you or your loved one today!

Beautiful exterior shown for Icarus Behavioral Health outpatient treatment of addiction

We Accept Most Insurance

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Contact Icarus Behavioral Health now and we will provide a confidential assessment of your insurance policy coverage for rehab that will not affect your coverage whatsoever.


    Holistic health treatment seeks to restore individuals to a state of total wellness rather than treating symptoms alone. Our inpatient facilities enable us to provide services unrivaled by other rehab centers in Las Vegas, and draw from the scenic wildlife and natural beauty of Nevada to design activities like tours, hikes through the mountains of the desert, and much more to help our clients engage with a healthy and sober lifestyle.

    A man in the desert outside Nevada, in recovery from addiction with the help of Icarus Nevada drug rehab
    A man and woman outside Las Vegas, happy at being sober thanks to Icarus Nevada alcohol rehab program

    Neutral Treatment

    More than just the neon oasis nestled amid the scorching beauty of the desert, there is something about recovery in Nevada that nurtures the soul. We all come from different walks of life, and no one form of spirituality fits everybody. This is why we provide spiritually neutral treatment that welcomes all to find their own path to recovery, starting right here with our inpatient rehab in Las Vegas and following all the way through Aftercare and our Alumni program. Visit us now and find out what makes Icarus Behavioral Health so special!

    What an Experience!

    "Can you say AWESOME?! Icarus and their team get what it means to help those in need. It's all first class … from the setting, to the great food, to their team. They have a knack for hiring and their nursing staff and techs are second to none. Thanks for getting my wings back Icarus!

    - Lydia S.

    The Folks at Icarus are Top Notch

    "From the get-go, the people at Icarus were welcoming and professional. They understood my life and what I needed to get better. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to family or friends, and especially my brothers in service to our great country.

    - Victor R.

    Icarus Gave Me Hope Again

    "In the end, I could not have found a better place than Icarus for my treatment. I wanted to give up at times, but their belief in my ability to succeed kept me going and proved true. I can't thank their team enough!

    - Ciera P.

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