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Substance abuse is a serious issue that faces people all across the United States. According to recent studies from the National Institutes of Health, 10 percent of people will have a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. The statistics for alcohol use disorder are roughly the same at 10.6 percent of people ages 12 and up.

These statistics show the clear need for outpatient rehab Henderson services, and particularly the evidence-based programs offered at Icarus in Nevada. If you or a loved one are struggling with substances, we can help!

If you are thinking about drug or alcohol rehab, Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada should be your top choice. We offer services from medical detox to inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment to give you the level of support necessary to combat your substance use disorder.

Keep reading to find out more about our addiction and dual diagnosis program options, and get support at Icarus today!

Proven Substance Abuse Treatment Options at Icarus in NV

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our intensive outpatient program in Henderson, NV will get you the help you need to start living a new and sober lifestyle. We believe in implementing several different components that support your mental health and give you the treatment services that will make the biggest impact.

Here are a few of the services you will find in our intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization program.

Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy with Multiple Disciplines

We believe that our clients need access to a variety of recommended therapeutic models to implement the skills they need for a successful and sober life. To this end, we offer a range of treatment modalities that suit the individual. This allows us to equip you with the skills necessary to deal with the emotional and even physical side effects of substance use withdrawal.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the leading treatment services for substance use disorders. Our rehab centers are proud to offer this treatment. In CBT, we will take a closer look at how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions. We will work to interrupt the pattern that often leads to substance use by addressing it at the root.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is an equally powerful tool used by drug rehab centers. This allows you to take a more mindful approach to your substance abuse, accept the feelings or cravings, and move past them. Mindfulness exercises such as meditation can be extremely helpful in the treatment of drug or alcohol abuse.

No matter what your mental health looks like in the aftermath of substance use, we can help you get the help you need.

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Group Therapy for Peer Support

No man is an island, and it is extremely difficult for anyone to face their mental health and substance abuse without the support of a team of people around them. Unfortunately, the people closest to you in your daily life may not fully comprehend what it is like to live with your substance abuse. They may want to be supportive but lack the insight to be truly helpful.

This is where group therapy can come into the picture.

In a supportive group therapy environment, our treatment centers match you with other individuals who truly understand what you are going through. They can offer nonjudgmental support and advice. They can even swap coping skills with you to help aid you through difficult cravings or triggers.

You may encounter groups at our outpatient rehab facility that are based on the 12-step methods (like Alcoholics Anonymous) or groups that are based around a specific treatment modality such as DBT skills.

Family Therapy for Home Support

Family Therapy for Home Support

If you want your family to understand what you are going through in rehab, then you may want to include them in your treatment plan. At our treatment centers, we believe in providing family therapy because it provides the support that many people require to be successfully sober.

This gives you an opportunity to share strategies with those closest to you so that they can help you cope without drugs or alcohol. You can also share ways that they may have contributed to substance abuse in a non-judgmental atmosphere with an objective third party.

Family therapy is a core component of long-term success. We offer this during both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab.

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Why Should You Choose Outpatient Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

When you are thinking about entering into substance abuse treatment, you may have to weigh the benefits of outpatient and inpatient rehab. Our treatment centers offer both and both are proven to help you cope with alcohol and drug abuse.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider outpatient in Las Vegas, at a location that is convenient to Henderson yet far enough to provide a change of setting that can be useful in early recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Henderson Programs at Icarus Offer Robust Treatment

While an inpatient treatment center offers around-the-clock care, intensive outpatient can be quite an intense experience as well. Our Henderson rehab requires that outpatient clients attend at least 20 hours of sessions each week.

These sessions all take place during the day. They can include one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy, and even family therapy.

Of course, there are other things that you may want to consider in your off-time. Many people with drug and alcohol use issues may want to attend 12-step recovery meetings in the evenings when they might otherwise be tempted to return to substance abuse.

Increased Freedom and Flexibility

One of the major reasons why people will seek out intensive outpatient programs is because of the increased freedom and flexibility offered. During the day, you will attend all of your therapy sessions. However, you are free to come and go once your sessions are over. Instead of sleeping in a hospital setting, you can return to your bed each evening.

This also gives you an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family who support your new sober lifestyle.

Sometimes, you may even be able to return to work depending on your schedule. This can help you to continue providing for yourself or your family, lessening the financial worry that sometimes accompanies an inpatient treatment stay.

Gain Confidence with Your New Coping Skills

Outpatient treatment plan

Before you are discharged to a less restrictive outpatient treatment plan, you will be able to gain some experience and confidence in living a sober lifestyle. Chances are that you will be tempted to use or drink again during your off hours. This is a great chance to practice coping skills, talk with your therapist about what is and is not working for you, and put new skills in place.

As you become more confident and proficient at sobriety, you may find that you feel ready to step back from intensive outpatient to an even more flexible treatment program.

Increased Support for Drug and Alcohol Abstinence

Because you will be staying in your bed at home, you have access to an inherently larger support system than you may have in a hospital setting. Friends and family will be able to spend time with you as they usually would because you will be home in the evenings and nighttime hours.

In addition to the support you receive from your treatment team, you will also have a full continuum of support from those who are closest to you.

Keep in mind that not everyone will be supportive of your foray into sobriety. It might be painful but you need to cut out people who encourage your substance use disorder or might jeopardize your sobriety. This is a great way to test out relationships while still having the intensive support of one-on-one counseling and family therapy during the day.

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More Cost-Effective than Inpatient: Our Outpatient Rehab Henderson Services

For many people, the overall cost of treatment is going to be the biggest factor in how they pursue addiction treatment near Henderson. Inpatient can be expensive and can eliminate your income for up to 90 days because you will not be able to work while attending to your treatment plan. Outpatient is usually less expensive and may even be covered in part by your insurance.

The other benefit is that you might still be able to work if you have a flexible schedule. This can offset some of the expense of treatment, allow you to remain on your insurance plan, and still provide for your regular living expenses.

Choosing an addiction treatment rehab that allows you to work and cuts the cost of your treatment might be a good option if you are worried about financially covering the cost of treatment. This can lessen your anxiety and allow you to focus more fully on your treatment services and adhering to a newly sober lifestyle.

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Are you searching for a Nevada drug and alcohol rehab facility that helps you with case management and addiction treatment? Icarus Behavioral Health in Henderson, Nevada, is here to guide you through the process of getting sober regardless of what type of addiction you may be facing.

Our outpatient program is proven and effective at promoting lasting recovery for our clients.

If you are curious about what your payment options might be, reach out to our insurance verification team to learn more about the cost of outpatient treatment. We are ready and waiting to welcome you into our facility so that you can start living life without drugs and alcohol.

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