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Getting Help Convenient to Sparks at Icarus Nevada

Sparks, Nevada is a mid-sized city that’s often overlooked because of its larger, and more infamous neighbor, Reno. However, Sparks is a beautiful area rich with various indoor and outdoor attractions, making it one of the best-kept secrets in the state regarding recreational activities. However, there are not many top-tier options for alcohol and drug rehab in Sparks.

You could say that Sparks is the perfect place to spend your time after attending a high-quality drug rehab, as the area is conducive to continued success in recovery – with plenty of sober activities for recent treatment graduates. One of the most impactful drug rehab centers exists about 7 hours away from Sparks – if you’re commuting by car – otherwise it’s a quick hour and fifteen-minute flight, just to the other side of the state.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the fascinating activities in Sparks as a means to support your recovery efforts, it’s important to find an efficient launch pad to construct the foundation of your journey to sobriety. Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, located in Las Vegas, is known nationwide among drug rehab centers for client success, a compassionate staff, and a comprehensive, constantly evolving treatment regimen that includes a unique plan for each client.

Consider the following details regarding Icarus Behavioral Health and how this renowned alcohol and drug rehab facility might pair with the serene and versatile atmosphere of Sparks, Nevada.

The Importance of Impactful Drug or Alcohol Rehab Options In Sparks, Nevada

Impactful Drug or Alcohol Rehab Options In Sparks

Sparks, home to just over 100,000 residents, is a fantastic place to build a life after drug and alcohol rehab. The unemployment rate is well below the nation’s average, crime is fairly low in comparison to other areas in the region, and it is home to some of the most interesting attractions Nevada has to offer.

However, like other towns similar to Sparks, the onslaught of the opioid epidemic, in addition to other drugs – particularly methamphetamine, has quietly taken a toll on many people in the area.

Even some of the most unexpectant residents fall victim to substance abuse challenges – and because of this, the need for fully-equipped inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers is a much-needed commodity for anyone battling addiction in and around Sparks.

A Short Travel for the Foundation of Lasting Recovery

And while there’s a local effort to combat substance abuse challenges in Sparks, it’s not an area that’s particularly well-known for its drug and alcohol rehab offerings. Despite the lack of rehab centers in Sparks, this doesn’t mean that those seeking recovery are without options.

After familiarizing yourself with the treatment options Icarus has to offer – the 7-hour drive seems a lot more attractive to those seeking inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs in Nevada.

If you’re seeking effective substance abuse treatment, Icarus Behavioral Health offers the following:

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Medically Assisted Detox

A 7-hour drive seems trivial when you make the trip worth your while. If there’s a lack of rehab centers in Sparks that accommodate your needs, Icarus Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive medically-assisted detox to go along with multiple forms of inpatient therapy.

The beginning of any battle with substance abuse issues normally starts with medically-assisted detox, as it helps clients avoid the most physically uncomfortable portion of their recovery. Instead of wrestling with the painful symptoms of withdrawal, Icarus Behavioral Health provides you with options to help you remain well-rested and prepare yourself mentally for what our inpatient treatment centers have to offer.

Physical and mental health professionals are on hand 24/7 to ensure your vitals remain in check and you’re able to maintain your strength, stay hydrated, and keep a positive attitude regarding your recovery. This gives clients of our treatment centers a headstart before entering the most important part of our treatment center – where you’ll receive the brunt of your therapy.

A Compelling Alternative to Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Sparks

Inpatient Rehab Centers In Sparks

Traveling from Sparks, Nevada to Icarus Behavioral Center makes sense for clients looking for an extended period of treatment. We offer inpatient treatment center stays of 30, 60, and 90 days – depending on your individualized treatment plan crafted between you and your recovery team.

If you’re contemplating making the trip from Sparks, Nevada to our treatment center, you can expect the following:

  • Daily sessions with our compassionate mental and behavioral health professionals.
  • Opportunities to participate in multiple evidence-based forms of treatment, including behavioral health sessions, trauma-informed treatment, and even powerful options that lean more toward the holistic end of the spectrum.
  • Group therapy with your peers. This gives you a chance to build bonds with those going through the same struggles as you. Some of these bonds formed during inpatient are a stark contrast to any interactions during outpatient treatment, as many of them last a lifetime.
  • Introduction to SMART Recovery Meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during treatment.
  • Potential referrals to more treatment centers or primary care mental health practitioners in Sparks where you can continue your recovery efforts after residential treatment.

After your time spent recovering and receiving education regarding substance abuse in one of our residential treatment programs, it’s important to have a plan before making your way back to Sparks. Luckily, as we stated earlier, Sparks is a fantastic place to continue your recovery efforts and enjoy sober activities.

In the following section, we highlight some of our most preferred places for clients in recovery returning to Sparks.

Places to Enjoy During Your Continued Recovery In Sparks, NV

Places to Enjoy During Your Continued Recovery In Sparks

Your recovery will always be a conscious effort to remain abstinent from your drug of choice. However, it’s important that you remember to enjoy your sober time – it’s something you worked hard for, and it allows for a new positive outlook on life. These are some of the ideal options for spending your sober time upon returning to Sparks:

  • Fly fish for trout in the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake.
  • Dry Pond, Thomas Creek, Evans Creek, and Keystone Canyon are just a few of the mountain bike trails to enjoy in the area.
  • There are three major disc golf courses in Sparks – and you can even join the Reno Disc Golf Association.
  • The Sparks Marina is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM and includes a two-mile-long walking path, swimming, scuba diving, and other recreational activities.
  • Study Nevada’s native insects at Nevada’s Bugs & Butterflies in Lemmon Valley.
  • Local flora and fauna exist along the Truckee River. Guides are available online to help you keep a checklist of the different plants you’ve encountered.
  • Hunter Creek Trail provides an incredible trek through through the forest of Sparks, winding along a creek and the foot of the mountains. This majestic pathway ends at a beautiful waterfall.

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Kickstart Your Sparks Recovery at Icarus in Las Vegas

Sometimes the best option for starting your recovery includes navigating to an area that puts some distance between you and your old environment. Establish a whole new mindset with the staff at Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada as you progress along the path with like-minded individuals acting as part of your support system.

Together with you, your family, and our expert staff, we can help you begin a successful path to recovery. For more information about our programs, contact a member of our admissions team today.