SMART Recovery Las Vegas

SMART Recovery: Las Vegas

Getting Recovery Support from SMART and Icarus in Nevada

Are you looking for a proven and effective way to combat substance use with recovery training? Self-management is easier than ever with the SMART Recovery system. This four-step process yields some promising results even as research into its efficacy is ongoing.

Much like 12-step programs, SMART Recovery in Las Vegas can help you to achieve a more balanced life. Both are part of the support systems we encourage clients to consider during their time at Icarus Nevada and can help provide lasting connections alongside guidance and encouragement through the challenges of recovery.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada provides full support to help in the early days of adopting a sober lifestyle. We offer routine SMART Recovery meetings that can aid you in the process of achieving sobriety.

If you are struggling with sobriety and have been curious about how SMART Recovery works, here is what you need to know.

The Four Steps of the SMART Recovery Process

SMART Recovery: Las Vegas - SMART Recovery Process

Your recovery journey is completely unique, even if you face the same struggles with substance use that many of your peers do. To help with this, you need a self-management and recovery group that ultimately emphasizes your strengths and shores up your weaknesses.

The SMART Recovery program has four steps that do just that.

This non-profit organization is almost as well-known as 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. However, the 4-point program is much easier to understand at a glance and makes implementation that much faster. Here is what you can expect during the four phases of recovery following this program.

Building Motivation for Change in Recovery Programs

One of the reasons that many people have a hard time in other recovery programs is that they do not have a real underlying motivation to change. Their substance use issues are comfortable for them, and they haven’t yet taken the steps to embrace the changes that treatment requires.

SMART Recovery starts by addressing your motives in our mutual support meetings. We tap into the core needs and desires that lead you to sustained substance use.

With a deeper understanding of why you choose substances over healthier coping skills, you are more likely to seek long-term solutions instead of the short-term, immediate effects of substance abuse.

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Managing Desires to Use Again

The second tenet of SMART Recovery training is to address your desire to use substances again. Whether you are new on your recovery journey or have been practicing sober living for a while, you will eventually be faced with the craving to use substances again.

It is crucial to come up with some strategies that guide you through this experience.

A SMART Recovery meeting gives you a safe space to explore your cravings. You will have the support of a group of your peers who face similar struggles. Their help and insight can add new tools to your toolbox of potential coping skills when these urges arise.

Navigating Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

Many people who are undergoing substance abuse management and recovery training participate in a type of therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Under this treatment modality, you will work with a therapist who helps you uncover the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and actions. SMART Recovery meetings take a similar approach.

For example, many people have negative self-talk that leads directly to their substance use. They may harbor negative thoughts related to past failures at sobriety or about personal weaknesses that lead them to use.

SMART Recovery helps you to achieve a more balanced life with thoughts that influence more positive feelings and lead to better outcomes. It is very similar to CBT but conducted in a group setting instead of one-on-one with a therapist.

The benefit of the group setting is that you may hear someone articulate a deeply-held belief that you haven’t been able to put your finger on yet in your individual sessions. You can constantly learn from your peers and help them to change their feelings and actions when negative thoughts arise. These skills can then be applied to your own life.

Self-Management Training and Living a Balanced Life

Self-Management Training

The last component of SMART Recovery training programs is living a healthy life that feels aligned with your core values. You will be equipped with the tools for self-management and recovery through the first three stages of this addiction recovery model. A balanced lifestyle is possible without the need for addictive behaviors.

At this point, you will have learned how to manage thoughts regarding substance use. Treatment professionals guiding you through the process will encourage you to replace negative habits with positive ones. Everyone’s personal preference for what those positive activities are will be different, leading to a very individualized experience.

Allow this 4-point program to help you connect with what means the most to you. Instead of replacing your drug or alcohol use with other addictions, you can move into a healthy life that meets all of your needs while remaining sober.

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Tapping into a Global Community with SMART Recovery

Much like 12-step programs, SMART Recovery meetings are available all around the world to help people from all walks of life with addictive behavior. Our Icarus Behavioral Health treatment centers are proud to offer these meetings to help you cultivate a positive mindset and eliminate negative beliefs.

Self-empowerment is the goal for all of our clients and the SMART Recovery system helps to do just that.

It is important to note that SMART Recovery meetings are primarily an educational program. Participants should approach the methodology with great seriousness. While we do still have some fun and liveliness in our conversation, it is crucial to understand that the work we are doing here matters deeply.

A Supportive Element of Recovery Training and Success

A Supportive Element of Recovery Training

All participants must take it seriously to achieve results, and you will meet people in SMART Recovery dedicated to achieving recovery from substance abuse, eating disorders, and many more challenging issues that require support.

Once you leave our program at Icarus Nevada, you may even be able to find online meetings that support you in your return to daily life. Outpatient programs may still include access to groups like these, depending on your personalized treatment plan at our comprehensive facility.

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Getting the Help You Need With Icarus Nevada and SMART

We believe that everyone has the potential to manage their substance use issues with the right support and guidance. SMART Recovery meetings are just one tool that helps you connect with like-minded peers who are all committed to abandoning substance use for good. This 4-point program can lead to long-term behavioral changes whether you participate face-to-face or through online meetings.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada is happy to offer this information taught by our team of professionals. We offer comprehensive treatment programs tailored to your individual needs.

Contact us today to see how we can supplement your motivation to achieve sobriety through our program.

All calls are confidential, so reach out to get support options for yourself or your loved one now!

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