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If you have Silver Summit, rehab for substance abuse or any mental health issue is a covered benefit. Unfortunately, many people who need drug abuse and therapy services often overlook or misunderstand how they can access these essential benefits. But that’s not even the biggest challenge to getting help for these concerns. In fact, the greatest roadblock is that the best Las Vegas drug and alcohol treatment options are not in-network with the Silversummit Healthplan.

But that doesn’t mean the end of the line. There is one notable exception.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada provides a full range of mental health services in-network with the Silversummit Healthplan. We are one of the few five-star, full-service Las Vegas treatment centers in Silver Summit’s large network of providers.

Please read on to gain a fuller understanding of how you can use your Silversummit Healthplan benefits for substance use disorders or mental illness treatment at Icarus.

Silversummit Healthplan: Using Nevada Medicaid for Better Mental Health

Using Nevada Medicaid for Better Mental Health

Silversummit Healthplan is arguably the most comprehensive Nevada Medicaid provider. Their members can access medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision care. Members also receive behavioral health services, such as help for mental illnesses and substance abuse.

Many misunderstand whether their benefits apply to therapy services. That belief is a relic from the pre-Obamacare era when service for adults struggling with substance misuse and addiction or other mental concerns was often excluded. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by then-President Obama in 2010, it leveled the playing field, making health insurance companies treat behavioral and mental health benefits equal to coverage for physical well-being.

The Silversummit Healthplan provides healthcare service access beyond coverage and offers value-added benefits, including discounts at the Las Vegas YMCA and other gym facilities, community support services, and limited medical appointment transportation.

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Live in Nevada? Check Your Benefits Using Our Las Vegas Team’s Assistance

Whether you have Silversummit Healthplan, another form of Medicaid plan in Nevada, or private insurance, we know how confusing it can be to understand healthcare benefits. Based on our many years of experience helping clients receive the necessary service, we can predict the questions you will probably ask yourself:

Do you need doctor referrals? What’s the co-pay? What information should I ask? Which are the best therapy resources for my needs? Do I need inpatient or outpatient treatment? What’s involved with drug addiction treatment?

Our team will help you discover those answers – which often come down to what the insurance provider will cover at the lowest out-of-pocket costs (if any).

Regardless of your insurance provider, in Nevada or out of state, we have a dedicated team to help you access the addiction treatment and recovery facilities you or your loved one need.

We understand that deciding to get treatment services is a brave step – it can even trigger negative feelings or apprehension. We’re glad to assist you with making this decision easier for you.

Reaching Out to Our Health Insurance Verification Staff

Please contact the insurance verification team at Icarus Nevada today. All we need from you is your current contact information along with the printed information on your insurance card, and we will conduct a quick and confidential insurance verification for treatment at Icarus. Then, we get back in contact with you and develop a strategy to get you into treatment on the timeline you or your loved one need.

Getting Effective Therapy Services for Addiction and Dual Diagnosis

Individual Therapy Supports Healing

At Icarus Nevada, you are not just another person in recovery or a number on an insurance card. You are a client; we want the best outcomes for you and your loved ones. We can help you with substance misuse, a mental diagnosis without any active addiction, or a dual diagnosis of both.

Some of the common dual diagnoses we have seen over the years include the following:

  • Depression or bipolar disorder
  • Panic or anxiety disorder
  • Eating or body dysmorphic disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Personality or mood disorders

Your healing journey at Icarus includes a comprehensive evaluation, which helps us provide the most effective treatment and support services. We’ll talk about all your symptoms, getting to the root causes of why you are experiencing the struggles with substances. Once we understand each sign, we can guide you through individualized, evidence-based therapy services to help you heal.

Your Silversummit Healthplan allows members to receive these essential treatment programs. Even if you have been to treatment in the past, insurance will often cover a return for treatment at our licensed facilities.

Individual Therapy Supports Healing

Psychotherapy is at the heart of the healing process for mental or behavioral concerns. Our therapists are highly qualified, licensed, and passionate about working with the sober living community. Under your therapist’s direction, you will learn about what has triggered your issues. You’ll speak about them and learn to free yourself of their negative influence. Thus, you will discover what coping skills you must develop to overcome them and regain your power.

Family Therapy: Ongoing Emotional Support

Family Therapy

Families are essential in providing ongoing support after you leave Icarus, Nevada. It’s important that families work out any lingering mistrust or hurt feelings that often come with addiction. That’s where a qualified therapist comes in. You and your family – parents, children, siblings, or any other loved one – can visit with you and a counselor. This setting helps you, and they find peace and acceptance so you can move forward.

SMART Recovery as You Transition from Treatment to Aftercare Planning

As you grow stronger and get ready to return to your daily life, we will introduce you to SMART Recovery. The support program is free, just like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 12-step programs. However, it has a greater emphasis on pinpointing and addressing specific behaviors that may jeopardize recovery.

In addition to our Las Vegas location, you’ll find SMART programs at several locations throughout Nevada and online – helpful no matter what state you move to or visit.

Charley Used Silversummit Healthplan to Get Sober at Icarus Behavioral Health

Many people called Charley an “old soul,” as she was often somber and quiet, much different from children of similar ages. What they did not know was that Charley was most comfortable around adults from an early age because of the abuse she suffered from her older sister. When she was around safe adults, her sister was fine. When they were alone, the physical and emotional toll was almost unbearable.

Charley once tried to tell her parents, but they did not believe her – she even tried to show them the bruises. They dismissed it as a sign of sibling rivalry and told her to toughen up and stop tattling. By the time she had turned 13, Charley started drinking alcohol, sneaking it from the family’s liquor cabinet. Drinking helped her to numb the hidden abuse and the disappointment in family members who didn’t believe her.

A Need to Address Depression Alongside Substance Misuse

Treatment for Depression Alongside Substance Misuse

Charley left home as soon as she turned 18 with a substance use disorder. She couch-surfed and was barely able to support herself at her minimum wage job in customer service. One day, she got so depressed that she contemplated hurting herself. Fortunately, she called the offices of Nevada Crisis Support Services. Their free helpline connected her to information on getting the Silversummit Healthplan. The health insurance was the lifeline that helped her get coverage to get clean and sober.

Exploring options, Charley found information about Icarus Nevada and was happy to learn that they worked with Medicaid members. During treatment, Charley’s provider explained how she had all the common symptoms of trauma. She learned that it resulted from the family dynamic of her childhood. She also learned new options for coping with the trauma – she started exercising and eventually running in marathon races to release her tension.

Today, Charley is trying to reconnect with family members but knows she must set boundaries. Sadly, she and her sister have not mended things. Charley has completed a fashion program at a community college and works as a merchandiser at a high-end boutique in Las Vegas. She also started sharing information about her story with young adults, showing them how recovery is possible with the proper treatment.

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Contact our team if you have Silver Summit health insurance and are ready to get help, whether for yourself or a loved one. We will deliver a treatment plan that will help end the struggles with mental illnesses or abusing substances. The tools our clients learn in rehab at Icarus in Nevada become lifelong resources and skills and support lasting recovery success.

Any information you discuss with us regarding your insurance coverage or specific needs will be free and strictly confidential. What are you waiting for? We are here to support and guide you. Let’s connect today!