Is Ketamine Withdrawal Real

Is Ketamine Withdrawal Real?

Getting Effective Ketamine Detox Options at Icarus in Nevada

My ketamine addiction began in college and led to me dropping out and eventually living a life of crime. Ketamine abuse is becoming more and more prevalent among those looking for drugs that are more on the psychedelic side. I was always a big music festival person and part of the allure of it was the different drugs I could find and sell to maintain my lifestyle.

Ketamine addiction is unique. Ketamine isn’t the first drug most people think of when they think of addiction, but ketamine addiction is real, and so is ketamine withdrawal. My ketamine dependence led me down a dark path. I was only able to escape that path when I went to Icarus Nevada for treatment.

Keep reading about my story if you know all too well the answer to: is ketamine withdrawal real, and find out how I got help and found a path to a new life!

The Mounting Effects of Long Term Ketamine Use

A pile of ketamine powder shows the potential for ketamine withdrawal

I tried all kinds of different drugs through my experience with music festivals, and not one of them drew me in like ketamine. Ketamine is a drug that puts you in a very deep state of inebriation, very quickly after ingestion. Everything around you starts moving and shifting. It’s a difficult drug to compare to anything else, though it is similar to other psychedelics.

My ketamine abuse ended up becoming long-term. There was nothing anyone could do or say to get me to stop. I lived in a different world when I was abusing ketamine. People often don’t talk about the ketamine withdrawal symptoms, but they are extremely intense and uncomfortable. If you or someone you know is suffering from ketamine abuse, read more to find out how you can help them.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, commonly used as a tranquilizer. Ketamine is sometimes used to manage treatment-resistant depression. There has been a lot of discussion about administering ketamine to treat bipolar disorder and anxiety. It is a drug that has soared in popularity in recent years, being abused recreationally, especially among psychedelic drug users.

Common slang terms for ketamine include K, Special K, and Vitamin K. Ketamine’s dissociative effect leads to a very intense high that can be hard to come down from. Many ketamine users can fall into what’s known as a ‘K hole.’ This is an out-of-body experience that can be very frightening.

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My Experiences With Ketamine Withdrawal Symptoms

A ketamine addiction is more of a psychological dependence than a physical one. Because of this, the withdrawal is more of a mental struggle. Common ketamine withdrawal symptoms include confusion, agitation, psychosis, and other cognitive impairment. I’ve felt the withdrawal symptoms from other drugs, but ketamine withdrawal is scary.

Whenever I had to go through a ketamine withdrawal, I became very emotional. I would fluctuate between emotions, often feeling each one very intensely. The depression that came along with it was crippling. Ketamine withdrawal symptoms can often lead to suicidal ideation. I felt this personally, but was able to avoid doing anything to harm myself.

Since ketamine is so widely available these days, the potential for addiction and withdrawal are that much more common too. A friend of mine ignored my story and got prescribed mail-order ketamine troches, he found himself dependent within two months, and began to experience severe bladder pain.

My Extended Ketamine Withdrawal Timeline

Physical withdrawal symptoms of ketamine are often manifested due to the emotional turmoil you experience during this time. The first couple of days include a lot of agitation, insomnia, and mood swings. I would go from feeling sad to angry within a split second during ketamine withdrawal. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

The ketamine withdrawal symptoms usually go away after a few days, but the mental game can continue for much longer. Mental health treatment is an important part of the recovery process. My ketamine addiction led to a lot of personal problems, including in my relationships. It took a lot of therapy for me to admit my faults and own up to the way I had treated my family.

And then even when the acute withdrawal symptoms eased somewhat, I found out I had what is called ketamine withdrawal syndrome, with prolonged effects that do not happen for all users.

Breaking A Ketamine Addiction

Prescription ketamine shows the concept of withdrawal from special K

I would go out of my way to avoid the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms of ketamine when I was using it. In order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, you have to be constantly trying to get more ketamine, which also creates a lot of mental fatigue. Not knowing where you will get your next fix can create a lot of paranoia and fear. I was always worried about having enough ketamine to get me by.

Many ketamine users experience intense psychological symptoms. I absolutely lost control of my brain and thought I was going crazy. Even though I could see all these negative consequences affecting my life, I still did not want to get clean. It took staying awake for a week on end and ending up in the hospital for me to start thinking about my mortality.

Pulling Back from the Edge of Permanent Bladder Damage

When at the hospital, I was told that my ketamine use was causing severe damage to my bladder and that if I didn’t stop using, I might have to use a colostomy bag. Looking back, I had shrugged off pains in my bladder for years and even disregarded it when I began to show signs of blood when I went to the bathroom.

In my addled brain that couldn’t possibly have been caused by my best friend, Keta.

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Living Life in a K Hole: Chronic Ketamine Abuse

When you are constantly immersed in the world of psychedelic drugs, you are never in your right mind. Substance abuse is one thing, but psychedelic substance abuse can rob you of your logic and sanity. I’ve taken a lot of psychedelics, but nothing made me lose touch with reality like ketamine. I saw a lot of others engage in chronic ketamine abuse and saw the psychological damage done.

I still suffer from a certain amount of cognitive issues, but I got out of that world at a good time. If I had continued for another few years, I probably would have completely lost my mental faculties. A psychological addiction like ketamine knows no bounds. It’s hard to rewire your brain after an addiction like that, but it is possible.

Finally Seeking Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Detox Treatment Plan

Checking into Icarus in Nevada was terrifying. I knew that the ketamine detox process would be rough because I had done it before. The only thing that got me through it was knowing I was in good hands. I knew that once I got through the physical symptoms of detox, I would be able to work on my mental health disorders and begin the healing process.

A medically supervised detox is the best way to get through ketamine detox. Because the psychological symptoms are so intense, you need the right people around you to talk you through it. I suffered from intense cravings during detox treatment and wanted to leave every second I was there.

I knew if I left, my drug abuse would continue. That was what kept me there. I was sick and tired of being a ketamine addict and having it rule my life.

Detox Treatment Plan

Through my medically assisted detox process, I was able to remove the ketamine from my body, and mostly from my brain. I still suffered from cravings for weeks after, but I was in a better headspace at that time. I was able to talk myself into staying in treatment and getting my mind and body right. I knew that I had caused a lot of damage to my psyche, and I didn’t want to completely lose touch with reality.

I began having an easier time in treatment once I started going to group therapy and talking through my feelings. Sometimes, when you hold all that stuff in, it can make you feel totally alone. You can easily forget that many others feel the exact same way as you do. I learned this through listening to others, and it made me feel like I had others I could confide in.

Recovery From Ketamine Abuse is Possible

Recovery From Ketamine Abuse is Possible

Treatment for ketamine addiction is going to include a lot of therapy and psychological rewiring. This is a fact for all ketamine users. Whenever you have a psychological dependence on this kind of substance, it’s going to take a lot of professional treatment to get through. I’ve never met anyone who got off of ketamine on their own. Quitting cold turkey from ketamine is almost unheard of. I’m sure there are people who have done it, but it’s not common.

Icarus in Nevada has a great dual diagnosis setup that can help you work on your mental health issues and your addiction at the same time. Because ketamine is a drug that affects the brain’s reward system, it can be hard to get by without it when you’ve used it as a crutch for so long. Over time, as your tolerance builds up, the reward system doesn’t give you what you’re looking for.

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Get Help Staying Off Ketamine at Icarus in Nevada Today

Because of the ways that ketamine affects the brain’s reward system, you need to find something else to replace the drug. In other words, you have to find natural ways to get high. How do you do that? I’ve found that physical activity helps a lot. I’ve gotten into running and swimming recently, and that helps give me the fix that I need.

Having a routine is very important as well. My day is pretty strictly regimented, and it’s for the purpose of keeping me clean. When I fall out of my routine, my mind tends to go to the dark side. As I continue my recovery journey, I try to do as many things as possible that will help give me a positive, proactive attitude. It’s helped me stay the course and given me a second chance at living a life I am proud of.

If you (or someone you love) would benefit from having a firm foundation in the fight against ketamine, reach out to Icarus in Nevada today. I know that call changed my life immensely for the better, and I bet it can for you too!

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