How to Detox from Marijuana

How to Detox from Marijuana

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Get Through Cannabis Withdrawal with Effective Resources

Have you been struggling with marijuana, but you’re now trying to quit? You know that detoxification is the first step. Still, you wonder how to detox from marijuana. While marijuana withdrawal symptoms are usually less severe than those of some substances, weed detox can be problematic.

At Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, our medical professionals have decades of collective experience in helping people end their struggles with alcohol and drug abuse of all kinds. We understand what many others discount: that quitting cannabis can be incredibly challenging without effective help.

This is why we provide support to clients at every stage of their recovery, starting from the medical detox process through relapse prevention planning and follow-up outpatient counseling.

Read on – you will learn how to detox from marijuana safely and effectively, and how our team can assist you or your loved one in finding happiness without cannabis!

What Leads to a Marijuana Dependence?

Reason Behind Marijuana Dependence

A quick overview of how casual marijuana usage can turn to substance abuse or marijuana dependence can help you better understand reversing as you detox from weed.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. It binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain, particularly in places that manage:

  • Pleasure
  • Memory
  • Thinking
  • Concentration
  • Coordination.

When THC activates those receptors, it causes the release of dopamine, a chemical sent out by the brain’s reward system. What are the immediate effects of using weed? That famous desired “high.”

But as usage progresses, the brain adapts to the marijuana by reducing its dopamine production. As a result of that decrease, natural rewards are less pleasurable and can lead to marijuana dependence. This process is what makes marijuana addictive.

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What is a Marijuana Use Disorder (or Cannabis Use Disorder)?

Marijuana Use Disorder or Cannabis Use Disorder is a clinical diagnosis indicating problematic marijuana usage. It can lead to distress, impairment, and additional mental health disorders. Those who struggle with the disorder have lost control over their use. They eventually have negative impacts.

For instance, our former client Marcus, who had started smoking weed recreationally, came to Icarus after failing a urine drug test at work for his trucking company. His supervisor ordered the test to detect THC, suspecting he was still impaired some mornings.

Because marijuana was legal in Nevada, Marcus had been confused. He didn’t know it was against company policy to use it. Because he was honest about the misunderstanding, his employer suspended him for a week and advised him to get help.

He tried to detox at home, but he couldn’t stop. Once the marijuana withdrawal symptoms kicked in, he’d give up and smoke again. It became apparent to Marcus that he needed some help after failing another test.

He came to Icarus for detoxing for weed and an Intensive Outpatient Program that worked around his schedule. His insurance even covered it! Now Marcus is back at work, sober, and knows he won’t fail future marijuana drug tests.

7 Common Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms When You Start Weed Detox

Common Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Weed withdrawal symptoms are less uncomfortable than those of some substances, such as opioids or alcohol. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that you will likely have some specific withdrawal symptoms:

1) Irritability When Detoxing From Weed

Irritability is a common symptom of marijuana withdrawal. Some people become inexplicably agitated or easily frustrated during the first days of marijuana detox.

2) Mild to Severe Anxiety and Detox

Many experience increased anxiety when they quit smoking marijuana. This can be a general sense of unease or worry. It can also mean panic attacks in certain cases.

3) Insomnia or Sleep Problems

Difficulty sleeping is a common marijuana withdrawal symptom. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping related to withdrawal may last for several days to weeks into the detox.

4) Decreased Appetite During the Detox Process

A reduced appetite often happens when going through marijuana withdrawal. This lack of nutrients can result in decreased energy levels.

5) Mood Swings Are Common During Detox

Mood swings, including depression followed by elation, can occur during marijuana withdrawal. It makes emotional regulation challenging.

6) Cravings for Marijuana During Early Detox

Strong cravings for marijuana are often part of withdrawal. These cravings can make it difficult for individuals to maintain the detox process.

7) Physical Discomfort Can Happen at Every Phase of Detox

Some people experience physical withdrawal symptoms from marijuana. These might include headaches, sweating, chills, and stomach discomfort. Most clients have described these to our staff as flu-like.

Natural Detox Methods for Marijuana: Fact Versus Fiction

Natural Detox Methods for Marijuana

Some claim that natural detoxification can help reduce weed withdrawal symptoms. At best, many of these natural methods are ineffective, at best. But the reality is that some natural detoxification methods can even be risky.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides rigorous oversight of prescription and over-the-counter drugs but has far less oversight over supplements. The FDA explains that it cannot regulate supplements until after products come onto the market. However, many supplement companies don’t even notify the FDA regulators when they put their products into the hands of American consumers—a concerning loophole.

Relying on unproven methods such as marijuana detox kits can be a waste of time and even dangerous. But the biggest problem is that these methods neither address drug cravings in early recovery nor heal the core cause of the addiction.

Here are several often-debunked natural detox “remedies” for marijuana detox:

Apple Cider Vinegar Does Not Heal Substance Abuse

There’s little evidence that acetic acid in ACV assists the liver in breaking down the THC metabolites. It can also cause digestive discomfort when not properly diluted. It can also be harmful for anyone who has kidney disease, due to the excess acid.

Herbal Teas Don’t Offset Marijuana Use

Herbal tea can be lovely to drink if you hope to stay hydrated during detox. While they can help with proper hydration during the process, this detox method does not boost metabolism.

Marijuana Detox Pills and Drinks Can Do More Harm Than Good

Cleverly marketed detox drinks and pills claim to contain herbs and minerals to cleanse the body of THC. However, there’s limited scientific support for these products. They are little more than “body cleanse” products that frequently lead to dehydration.

Plus, relying on them without truly understanding what’s in them can worsen matters, especially as they can interact with prescription medications.

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Cranberry Juice or Lemon Juice Won’t Help You Beat a Drug Test

Some believe that cranberry or lemon juices can assist weed detox. The false claim is that the diuretic properties (especially cranberries) will flush the THC out of the body. Some even think they’ll pass a urine test by taking it. But THC is stored in the fat cells, so it does not simply “flush out” of the body quickly. While a nice glass of juice might be enjoyable for hydration during detox, it is not an evidence-based method for detox.

Vitamin C and Antioxidants Are Not Proven Marijuana Detox Practices

Yes, Vitamin C’s antioxidants are good for your body as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. One small study showed that it helped reduce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms over four weeks. However, the study focused on withdrawal from opioids, and research on its impact on Cannabis withdrawal is limited.

Overexercising Won’t Help You Through Withdrawal and Will Only Leave You With Fatigue

A final harmful myth is that physical activity can help “sweat out” the THC. Again, regular physical activity plays a key role in longevity. Some THC may be excreted during sweating, but not nearly enough to help. Exercising to the point of exhaustion will not prove efficient and can cause exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle fatigue.

Putting your detox into the hands of professional help will bring you safe, effective results.

Here’s What Happened When Josie Tried a Natural Cannabis Detox Remedy

Reaction of Detox Remedy

Josie came to Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada for help after a near-lethal home detox. A well-respected player in a high-stakes industry, Josie wanted to detox from weed in the privacy of her home. She heard about an herbal cleanse supplement – a pill that would help her release the chemicals and get clean in two days.

Josie planned a weekend at home and took the first dose on Friday evening. When it did not work as promised on Saturday morning, she repeated the dose. The repeated use of the detox cleanse tablet caused severe vomiting that lasted all day and into Sunday morning.

The Medical Risks of Unregulated Marijuana Detox Products

During that time, she became dehydrated. Her potassium levels dropped, causing distress to her kidneys. She noticed her hands and feet swelling. And when she urinated, it looked unnaturally dark. Fortunately, Josey realized that something had gone very wrong and called 911.

A blood test at the hospital showed that she had acute kidney damage, a result of electrolyte imbalances. The doctor told her she’d been lucky. This condition could have killed her had she not sought help–or worse, if she’d taken another dose of the detox supplement.

Josie elected to finish her detox at Icarus; she also entered an outpatient treatment program, where she successfully ended her struggles with drug abuse.

Getting the Benefits of Attending a Medically-Supervised Marijuana Detox

Medically-Supervised Marijuana Detox

Marijuana detoxification at home can endanger your mental and physical well-being. Marijuana detox in a medically supervised setting provides a safe, structured environment that will keep you safe and healthy.

Here are the benefits of starting your substance use disorder treatment in a professional setting:

Medical Detox from Weed Means Professional Help

You receive personalized care to monitor you for common symptoms. Our staff will have cannabis treatment options available to help alleviate any discomfort as you experience withdrawal symptoms. For instance, we can administer medication to dull the pain should you have headaches in the first days of substance misuse detox.

Proper Physical Care During Detox From Weed

Your physical well-being will also receive close care. Our team will have access to blood tests to monitor your vital signs and liver function. We’ll also help you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet with lean proteins, and enjoy light, regular exercise like walking.

Mental Health Support as Weed or Other Drugs Leave Your Body

It’s critical to monitor your mental health as weed or other substances metabolize. Counselors or therapists can address the psychological impacts of marijuana use. They will start working with you on coping with cravings healthily, like trying yoga or mindfulness.

Professionals can also assist you with managing any co-occurring disorders during this critical time. Whether you have a stand-alone addiction to weed or other substances or a secondary mental illness, our team will be there to help.

How Long Does Weed Stay in the System?

How long it takes to detox from weed or other various substances can vary from one person to another. Certain factors include body composition, individual metabolism, drug use frequency and amount.

Some people have negative marijuana drug tests within a couple of weeks; others take up to 30 days for a clean test.

How to Detox from Marijuana: Starting Your Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan after Marijuana Detox

As you near the end of your medical detox, you will start inpatient or outpatient programs, counseling, and support groups. We use customized evidence-based treatments that will address your marijuana addiction, getting to the reasons behind your drug abuse. We often unearth unhealed childhood trauma or an undiagnosed mental health problem.

In the therapeutic setting at Icarus, you will learn how to cope with the root causes of your marijuana addiction and build a brand new set of healthy coping skills for building a brighter tomorrow.

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Get Support for a Marijuana Use Disorder at Icarus Today

Are you ready to get the help you need and restore mental clarity after drug abuse? Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is pleased to offer inpatient and outpatient programs to suit your recovery and mental health needs.

We accept all major insurance plans and self-pay clients. Our admission team will even assist you with getting your insurance coverage pre-approved so you will know all your detox and treatment options ahead of time. You can focus on recovery without worrying whether your insurance will cover them.

If you or your loved ones are ready for you to start a detox, connect with Icarus Behavioral Health today. We can start your program as early as tomorrow, and all calls are confidential, so please reach out now to get proven options for support to quit cannabis now!

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