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AA Meetings: Reno, Nevada

Know Where to Turn for Support to Quit Drinking in Reno

Are you looking for an AA meeting in Reno? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world have found solace, strength, and support through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA provides a safe space to recover from alcohol addiction.

But are AA meetings in Reno enough? For very heavy drinkers, possibly not. AA cannot detox you, and cannot treat trauma. For this, you need the help of an addiction treatment center.

Keep reading for help with information on where AA meetings are in Reno, as well as reasons to consider rehab at Icarus Nevada if you have a serious drinking problem.

Getting Support for Alcohol Using Icarus and AA in Reno

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, attendees are encouraged to openly share their stories and experiences with other members of the group. This is a powerful tool for those trying to heal from past traumas, as it allows them to unburden themselves in a safe and understanding environment. With this kind of support system, you are more likely to move forward in your healing journey.

In Reno NV, there are a variety of AA meetings available for those looking for comfort and understanding. While this is an essential part of recovery from alcoholism, there are some elements that AA cannot provide. AA cannot help you deal with trauma, and it cannot help you detoxify from alcohol. If you would like help with these, contact Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada today.

What are the Benefits of Attending AA Meetings in Reno NV?

At an AA meeting, you can find support from peers who understand the struggle of alcohol addiction. This creates a sense of community that is conducive to healing from alcoholism.

In addition, attending an AA meeting in Reno NV can help to create structure and routine in your day-to-day life. Meeting with other members provides accountability and motivation to remain in recovery.

Attending a Reno Nevada Alcoholics Anonymous meeting also gives you the opportunity to connect with others who are going through similar struggles. This helps cultivate a sense of connection that is essential when healing from alcoholism.

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What To Expect At an AA Meeting in Reno NV

An AA meeting in Reno NV generally follows a set structure the same as at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings around the world. This includes:

  • Introductions: At the start of each Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, attendees are encouraged to introduce themselves and share their experiences with addiction.
  • Reading: During this part of the AA meeting, a passage from AA’s book is read aloud for all members to listen to and discuss.
  • Sharing: This is an opportunity for members to openly share their stories and experiences with the group.
  • Closing: During this part of the alcoholics anonymous meeting, members thank each other for their presence and reaffirm commitments to sobriety.

Most Reno NV AA meetings have access to literature from Alcoholics Anonymous or other recovery resources such as books or pamphlets. This material provides attendees with additional information on how to cope with addiction and trauma.

Finding an AA Meeting in Reno NV

Finding an AA Meeting

There are many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings available in the Reno NV area. You can find information on local meetings through online directories, word of mouth, or by contacting your local hospital or health center.

A comprehensive directory can be found of AA meetings in Reno can be found here.

Remember that every person’s experience with addiction is unique. What works for one person might not work for another, so try and find a Reno NV AA meeting that fits your individual needs.

You can also consider checking out an online meeting. While these meetings are not for everyone, many people enjoy the flexibility of being able to sit in an AA group from the comfort of their own homes.

When Are Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Not Enough

Sometimes, attending Reno Nevada Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is not enough to heal from trauma or manage severe addiction problems. In such cases, it is best to seek professional help at an addiction treatment center before going to rehab. Often, there will be an AA meeting in the center or nearby that you can attend while you are receiving treatment.

Icarus in Nevada feels strongly that anyone who wishes to attend our center should be able to attend an AA meeting, which is why we always either have meetings at our centers or provide transport so that our clients can go to AA meetings or alternatives such as SMART Recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Centers for Alcohol Use Disorder

Programs for Alcohol Abuse Support and Recovery

Addiction treatment centers in Reno NV provide a comprehensive range of treatments and services that can help individuals on their recovery journey. Depending on your needs, addiction treatment centers in Reno NV offer a variety of therapies such as one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions, art therapy, peer support groups, and more.

At an addiction treatment center, individuals are typically placed in a medically supervised detoxification program. This is important for people with severe addiction, as it gives them the opportunity to safely and effectively cleanse their bodies from drugs and alcohol. Detoxification takes place under the supervision of medical professionals who can help manage withdrawal symptoms and provide emotional support throughout the process.

Effective Programs for Alcohol Abuse Support and Recovery

In addition to detoxification programs, addiction treatment centers in Reno NV often provide trauma-focused therapies. These treatment programs are designed to help people heal from past traumas that may have contributed to their addiction. Trauma-focused therapies typically involve individual and group counseling sessions, mindfulness exercises, art therapy activities, and more.

Clients at treatment centers may also be able to participate in supplemental activities such as yoga, meditation classes, and recreational therapy. These activities can be especially helpful in managing stress and developing positive coping skills.

Lastly, addiction treatment centers in Reno NV provide aftercare services upon completion of the program. This includes access to resources such as housing assistance, job placement programs, and community support groups. Aftercare services are essential for sustained recovery, as they help individuals transition back into everyday life with the support they need.

Although Icarus in Nevada is based in Las Vegas, our detox and residential services are also a great choice for treatment, to get out of Reno itself, and take advantage of the evidence-based approaches and continuum of care offered at our facilities.

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Do I Need A Medical Detox For Alcohol?

If you have severe alcoholism in Reno NV you must seek medical detoxification. Medical detox programs are designed to help individuals safely withdraw from alcohol and other drugs under the supervision of trained professionals. During a detox program, you can expect to receive medications that help reduce withdrawal symptoms, as well as emotional support throughout the process. It is important for those with severe alcohol addictions to undergo medical detox, as it can help ensure a safe and successful recovery.

Alcohol Rehab Centers: Detox as a Foundation for Recovery

Medical detox programs in Reno NV, as well as our detox services at Icarus in Las Vegas, provide individuals with the opportunity to safely and effectively cleanse their bodies from alcohol or drugs. This is particularly important for people with severe addictions, as they may have difficulty abstaining from substances without medical assistance.

During the medical detox process, you will be monitored 24/7 by a team of medical professionals. They will provide medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, as well as emotional support throughout the process.

Do Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Have Wheelchair Access?

AA Meetings - Wheelchair Access

When attending Alcoholics Anonymous (or Cocaine Anonymous meetings as well, for that matter) in Reno NV, wheelchair access can be an important factor to consider. While sometimes an AA meeting in Reno NV provide wheelchair access, not all of them do, so it is best to check ahead of time.

Some Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held in private venues such as a united methodist church, Lutheran church, or community centers that may not have wheelchair access. In these cases, individuals can contact the AA meeting coordinators ahead of time to inquire about wheelchair accessibility. AA meeting coordinators should be able to provide information on whether or not the venue has wheelchair access and any additional accommodations that may be needed.

Fortunately, many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Las Vegas, Reno, and across Nevada, are held in public places such as hospitals, schools, or libraries where wheelchair access is often available. You should check for wheelchair access ahead of time, as attending an AA meeting at these public venues may not always have it.

You can also look for an AA meeting in Reno NV specifically designed for people with wheelchair access. An AA meeting is often held in locations that are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

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Make the Trip to Icarus Behavioral Health in Las Vegas

AA is a fantastic way to recover from alcohol addiction. But it isn’t perfect. If you have a severe alcohol problem and want to quit drinking, you must have a professional detox as alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and even deadly.

While there are treatment centers and event lots of AA meetings in Reno, Nevada, there is only one Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada, with evidence-based practices and individualized treatment plans for each of our clients.

At Icarus Nevada, we offer medical detoxification facilities so that you can withdraw from alcohol in a comfortable environment where you will not run the risk of death. For more information on our approach to detox or anything other details of our program, contact us for a confidential consultation today!

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